“It’s deposited in a bank in Latina, but it’s mine”

06 September 2021 11:47

The man, stuck in Fiumicino while trying to leave for the Canary Islands, said he had handed the ticket to the credit institution for collection. The coupon would have been seized as a precaution

According to what he reports the messenger, after being stopped at the Roman airport the tobacconist expressed the intention to counter-denounce the elderly woman for slander who accuses him of having stolen the half-million euro scratch card, and told the carabinieri that the coupon is his and that deposited in a Latina bank where he purposely opened a current account on which he asked for it to come paid out the winnings.

The investigators are therefore still trying to figure out the intricate affair, and they are Checking if indeed the coupon (which in the meantime is however it was blocked by the State Monopolies) is actually kept in the credit institution. In the meantime, however, the tobacconist, who, due to the checks, was unable to board the face for Fuerteventura for which he had purchased the ticket, has only been reported for theft pending verification.

The coupon he would have been kidnapped anyway as a precaution and the operation of the current account where the winning coupon was deposited blocked.

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