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The Azzurri have not won a match in the 90 ‘from four games, in which they have scored only three goals. And the road to Qatar suddenly became treacherous

On the day theItaly has established the absolute record of consecutive useful results, Mancini finds himself thinking about several question marks that cannot be answered. Above all, the one concerning the attack stands out. Because if it is true that the Azzurri have done and are making people dream, it is equally true that they have not won a match in the 90 ‘since 2 July, when they beat Belgium 2-1 in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020. Then four draws in a row, which did not prevent the national team from lifting the continental trophy thanks to the coldness from the spot, but also a slow-paced restart in the world qualifiers.

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And above all, it is the goals that Italy is missing. In the last four matches we have only made three, all of the Juventus brand with church (shotgun) e Bonucci. For the rest, the offensive department failed. In the viewfinder it is finished Ciro Immobile, who when he takes off the Lazio shirt fails to be as incisive as when he plays for his club: his last blue goal is on 16 July against Switzerland in the European group.

The problem is that there are no viable alternatives behind it. Belotti, who had to raise the white flag due to injury, is not experiencing his best period, while the young Kean, Raspadori and Scamacca the coach cannot ask to take the department on his shoulders. So we rely on the inventions of Insigne and Berardi / Chiesa, but obviously it is not enough. Unfortunately, a thoroughbred bomber is not seen on the horizon and Mancini himself understood this. Which focuses on the game of the collective to get to the goal. However, a finalizer is needed because Qatar is close and to World Cup it will no longer be possible to count on the surprise effect.
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Moreover, the road leading to the World Cup is still long and not without pitfalls. Because now there is the risk of not winning your group and having to pass playoff. The opponent is right there Swiss, that if he were to win the two games he has less than the Azzurri, he would overtake us in the standings. At this point, the direct confrontation of 12 November would become decisive. Considering how it went last time with Sweden and the unfortunate Ventura, it would be better not to take risks.


Italy shadows record attack alarm playoff nightmare News

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