Citizenship income, 108 thousand. In Tuscany bonus of 500 euros per month

Citizenship income, 108 thousand. In Tuscany bonus of 500 euros per month
Citizenship income, 108 thousand. In Tuscany bonus of 500 euros per month

Florence, 6 September 2021 – As if a city like Pistoia were fully benefited from Basic income. According to the data of the regional office Inps Tuscany in 2021, 49,072 households (who received at least one month’s salary) involved in the state benefit for a number of people involved equal to 108,218, for an average monthly amount of 502.3 euros. To this figure we must also add another state contribution, the citizenship pension: nuclei involved in Tuscany 6,928 for a number of people equal to 7,664 with an average monthly amount of 237.52. In total, the nuclei involved are 56 thousand, people involved equal to 115,882 for an average amount of 466.02 euros. Compared to 2020, the beneficiaries have decreased in the number of nuclei involved: 48,287. But a year ago there were more people involved (111,893) for an average amount paid by the state equal to 490.77. Between 2020 and 2021, the people involved in crediting the bonus decreased by over three thousand units in Tuscany, always remaining a rather considerable percentage. Because?

There are two reasons: one part has found work as a goal from the path (on average 15% of those who receive the subsidy), a part has been placed under the control of INPS inspectors. The verifications are made a posteriori, after the acceptance of the application and not at the same time as the presentation of the documentation. According to the INPS Toscana, a quota has stumbled upon the red card of the inspectors who verified the inappropriateness of the request based on personal status. Nationally, between January and July of this year 1.65 million households had at least one month’s salary for an average figure of 548 euros. 849,200 households submitted an application for a citizenship income / pension.

The debate on the form of support will hold bench in this warm autumn. Renzi and Italia Viva took the field asking for the cancellation with a lot of proposal for a referendum for the repeal, same Salvini and the League. It is also discussed in Tuscany. Even among the trade unions. The position of the CISL remains firm: “Citizenship income had to have two legs, on the one hand social amotizer, on the other preparation and work reintegration: the second has not been seen; without it it is only a social subsidy, even fair if you do not have to live on, but it has nothing to do with employment policies “, said the Tuscan secretary Ciro Recce.

The mayor of Florence also spent on citizenship income Dario Nardella that several times he had sided with a profound reform: the money from the citizenship income should be directed to “active labor policies” (professional training “without renouncing forms of social support for poverty”), he highlighted. The debate remains open pending the hypothesized changes. And a more effective system that combines support and identification of possible employment in the world of work.

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