in Milan we talk about sustainability, digital and much more

in Milan we talk about sustainability, digital and much more
in Milan we talk about sustainability, digital and much more

Unire “green” policies of green and circular economy to the “blue” policies of digital and information. Principles inspired by the ideas of the philosopher Luciano Floridi (Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, at the Internet Institute of the University of Oxford), on which it is based the Green and the Blue Festival. Good ideas for the future of the planet, which returns to Milan from 10 to 12 September. Even this year iOdonna will be media partner in the second edition of this event, organized by the creative agency Beulcke + Partners in partnership with BAM Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano.

«We are delighted to announce the second edition of this ambitious project» comments Alessandro Beulcke, CEO Beulcke + Partners, organizer and promoter of the event. “Each of us can make a difference: every action, idea or choice contributes to the rethinking of development models and it is from this that The Green and the Blue Festival. What we can and want to do is to organize and promote a great communication platform for the best ideas, words and experiences in the best possible way, so that they leave a trace to inspire and give life to concrete solutions, new and suitable for this century “.

For the good of the planet

Many meetings that will deepen the future that awaits us … and in which we will be able to do our part. Talk with experts available in the very current “onlife” mode, live but also in streaming (following the program available on, where you can follow the events in streaming remotely).
A national event on the themes of climate change, circular economy, digital revolution, fashion, sustainable food and mobility (with great attention to the megatrends of the future): let’s go Friday 10 looking at the redesign of the recovery, for an industrial and economic renaissance; there will be a talk show and the Public Assembly of Elettricità Futura, the main association of companies operating in the Italian electricity sector.

In the morning of Saturday 11 it will then be the philosopher Floridi to intervene in the meetings The Blue that helps the Green – Digital revolution and sustainable revolution (with Carlo Capè, CEO of BIP), thus entertaining the audience with Marco Alverà (CEO Snam) in the talk A new balance – Planet, society, human project for the twenty-first century.

Fashion, design and sustainability

After finding out how we will move in the future supporting the challenges in the mobility of tomorrow, the journalist from iODoman Giusi Ferré will then conduct a debate involving the stylist Marina Spadafora, the founder of the Orange Fiber start-up Enrica Arena and the journalist and writer Eliana Liotta together with the sociologist Paolo Corvo and the chef Cristina Bowerman to address the intriguing topic We will dress in orange peel, we will eat insects: how will the way we eat and dress change?
From fashion to design: in the talk Sustainable Design – Designing a circular future we will talk about this all-Italian flagship with the famous designer Fabio Novembre and with names such as Lorenza Baroncelli (Artistic Director of the Triennale Milano) and Francesco Banchi of Boehringer Ingelheim Italia. While wondering about the Ideal cities they will naturally be some first citizens; leaving the theme Skyscrapers in the woods – Urban regeneration and cities resilient to the debate in which the writer and journalist Alessandra Viola and Francesca Colombo, Cultural Director General of BAM, Riccardo Catella Foundation will speak.

Culture and lots of entertainment

Among the most interesting topics dealt with on Sunday 12, however, we will talk about authentic sustainability as opposed to “greenwashing” in company policies, and then deepen the products on our tables with technology, innovation and sustainability in the agriculture of the future. Make way for start-ups in the intervention The ideas that will change the world like fabrics created with marble dust, vertical farms and natural purifiers: three sustainable realities grown thanks to UniCredit Start Lab. Without forgetting the blue of the sea with The Ocean (r)evolution: a race against time to save the sea, in collaboration with The Ocean Race, expected for Sunday 12 September.

And the evening?

A lot of artistic involvement: Friday 10, protagonists of the free event Green and Blue: CONNECTIONS will be Roberta Di Mario with her concert for piano, the song of Patrizia Laquidara and choreography by dance “Leonardo Da Vinci: Spiritual Anatomies” with the company EgriBiancoDanza, the reading by Cinzia Spanò e Vittorio Sgarbi with “Ecce Caravaggio”, an intervention that combines the themes of art & sustainability. On the evening of on Saturday 11 the cinema goes to the fore, thanks to the collaboration with Festival CinemAmbiente for the docufilm The Great Green Wall del regista Jared P. Scott with the musician and activist Inna Modja: the story of the “Green Wall”, a wall of trees designed between Dakar and Djibouti also supported by the United Nations.


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