Valentina Conti The tall grass swallows every corner, the edges of the path like

Valentina Conti
The tall grass swallows every corner, the edges of the path like a jungle, the remains of Ancient Rome hidden.
Tourists follow the guides to discover the Great Beauty of the Eternal City, but the eyes betray amazement and bewilderment. Hundreds, every day, go into that kind of almost forest observing every detail in amazement. Welcome to Clivo di Rocca Savella, historic center. The road dating back to the Roman era located along the road that leads from Piazza di Bocca della Verità to the Giardino degli Aranci, which Leggo has often dealt with, which for some months has literally lost its connotations as a place of historical and archaeological interest. Besieged by the decay and lack of maintenance of the green, it is really no longer recognized. A torn business card for Caput Mundi. «We come from Bologna, two young people tell us we learned about the historical itinerary of the Aventine hill. But can we go here? », They ask. Ramshackle street lamps, rubbish and cardboard lying on the ground complete the bleak picture. Two Englishmen photograph the undergrowth, a group is looking for signs with local information, they ask if it is a closed road; a resident spreads his arms showing us what remains of public lighting. You get lost in the vegetation that overflows beyond the gates, wriggling between bottle glasses and nauseating smells. Despite commitments and planning on the institutional front, the rebound of skills is making itself felt again.
“This is how the history of the city is mortified – attacks Maria Beatrice Romani, a Capitoline entrepreneur and candidate of the League for the municipal council, who raises the alarm on other historical areas that continue to suffer -. Taking a tour of Villa Aldobrandini he says – on the edge of another hill, that of the Quirinale, is an infinite bitterness. From artifacts at risk to outraged statues, passing through the stairs transformed into latrines covered by piles of leaves, reaching the occluded manholes ».
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Valentina Conti tall grass swallows corner edges path

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