“Everyone likes my father Gino now because he doesn’t speak anymore” – Corriere.it

“Everyone likes my father Gino now because he doesn’t speak anymore” – Corriere.it
“Everyone likes my father Gino now because he doesn’t speak anymore” – Corriere.it
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The daughter of the founder of Emergency at the Dogliani TV festival: «Politicians and institutions absent from the funeral home? It’s better that way. Dramatic situation in Afghanistan ”

DOGLIANI (CUNEO) «Everyone likes a dead Gino Strada because he is a Gino Strada who doesn’t speak. No politician or representative of the institutions was present at the funeral home; but better this way. I appreciate the consistency because it is right that those who attacked him until yesterday did not show up ». Hard and disillusioned with politics, so Cecilia Strada, daughter of the founder of Emergency, spoke today at the Dogliani TV festival.

The messages

“I haven’t seen much in recent weeks because I was in the middle of the sea – he continued -, but I felt a wave of love that came from four continents. Among the few messages that I managed to open among the thousands who arrived, someone opened my heart: they came as children cared for and saved by him, in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are now adults and would not have become adults if they had not met him and his team. Emergency, however, will continue even more than before because now it has to work for him too ».


And it was precisely on Afghanistan that Cecilia Strada therefore focused. «The situation is dramatic – he pointed out -. My father would have said “guys we already said that twenty years ago”. The lesson is that they are the same families who were there yesterday, we ignored them for twenty years, they were victims of the Taliban or the bombings of the international coalition. They are the same families that for twenty years we told each other that everything was fine, or we didn’t tell each other anything, they had disappeared from the radar. These are the same families who flock to the airport today to try to escape. So the lesson is let’s take care of the living as long as they are alive ».

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