“At the start with reduced hours”. In class with hours of 50 minutes

“At the start with reduced hours”. In class with hours of 50 minutes
“At the start with reduced hours”. In class with hours of 50 minutes

All in class but for a little while. In fact, for many students, at least until October, the lessons will be very short. In a week the school will be back in attendance but between staggered schedules and anti-covid rules the lessons will last a few hours. In fact, it starts in the high schools, struggling with two separate entrances: one at 8 and one at 9:40 as decided by the regional school office, which start even for only two or three hours a day. But it will also be the same in elementary and middle schools where lessons are only started for half a day. Until we know yet. In fact, last year many comprehensive institutes kept their provisional hours for several months due to the lack of teachers and spaces. The risk is that it could happen again.


For families it was and will be very complicated not to be able to count on a full timetable. Not only that, most high schools have not yet defined and communicated the timetable, waiting to know how they will be able to regulate between hours cut and different entrances to be organized. On September 13, however, we return. Indeed, someone tries to play early just to make up for hours. In fact, there are those who start this week earlier than the date indicated by the regional calendar. This is the case of the hotel institute in via Domizia Lucilla where the classes will return to attendance tomorrow: the third, fourth and fifth will arrive at 8 and will leave at 10.30. After having completed 3 hours of lessons of 50 minutes, without recess. At 9:40 it will be the turn of the first and second classes, which will go out instead at 12:10. In this way the whole school starts, even if for a few hours. A different organization, to start welcoming the children, was put in place by the Galileo Galilei Institute which, tomorrow, brings back the final year students who will arrive at 9 and leave at 11, Wednesday it is the turn of the fourth and fourth grades. second, Thursday to the third and Friday will be the turn of the little ones, the first year boys.


All with the same schedule of two one-hour lessons a day. At Vivona high school, on the other hand, only the first-year students who will enter the high school on Saturday morning, September 11th, make their debut. Probably the students of the Nomentano high school will stay in class on Saturdays but the official timetable has not yet been announced. Short days even for the little ones who, from childhood to middle school, resume in attendance but only for half a day: in the primary school in Piazza Filattiera al Nuovo Salario, for example, full-time classes begin with staggered admissions from 8: 25 and leave at 14.25, after the canteen. In fact, for now, two hours are cut compared to the usual 4.30pm exit. But this is the choice of many comprehensive schools and it is necessary for the internal organization to ensure that the teachers can guarantee co-presence in the classroom, without having to merge the classes in the absence of teachers.

In fact, this year, as it was a year ago, it will not be possible to merge the classes when the teacher is missing: the groups must be kept separate in compliance with the anti-covid rules. So we start with the reduced presence. In fact, the same provisional timetable also for the children of the Francesco Saverio Nitti institute, in the Tor di Quinto area, who will leave earlier until October: the elementary school children will go home at 2.30 pm, after having eaten, while those of the middle school they enter at 8 and leave at 12.10.


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