Catanzaro, massacre of dogs after the death of Simona Cavallaro: “Poisoned for revenge” –

Catanzaro, massacre of dogs after the death of Simona Cavallaro: “Poisoned for revenge” –
Catanzaro, massacre of dogs after the death of Simona Cavallaro: “Poisoned for revenge” –
from Carlo Macr

A week after the Satriano tragedy, around twenty animals were killed with strychnine in various districts of the city. The president of the ENPA: A cruelty, they did justice against poor defenseless beasts

They stationed them and poisoned them with strychnine, thinking they could thus solve, in a brutal way, the phenomenon of stray dogs. About twenty dogs, some of which also had a master, were killed in different neighborhoods of Catanzaro. This massacre took place a week after the Satriano tragedy where some shepherd dogs bitten and killed Simona Cavallaro, a twenty-year-old girl who was in a picnic area in the pine forest of Monte Fiorino, a few tens of kilometers from the capital . There is certainly a correlation between the two episodes – says Carla Rocchi, national president of Enpa (National animal protection body) -. However, there is also a culpability that is based on two levels: the first the ferocity and ignorance of who performs these acts. The second, which is superior, concerns the institutions that for years have done nothing to solve the phenomenon of stray dogs.

Someone has struggled to do justice in the name of poor Simona. Whoever acted did it with cruelty, killing these animals they had never hurt anyone. In fact, they were treated very well in the neighborhoods so much so that he used to see dogs playing with children in green spaces.

Stray dogs in Calabria

A cruelty without any justification that calls into question the Municipalities and the Region that have not lifted a finger even after the tragedy of Satriano. In Calabria there is not a single measure in the interest of strays. Nobody knows how many strays there are, because there is no census, no canine registry. Institutions act on input. We are year zero, Rocchi says again. The national president of the ENPA insists on one point: If there is an investigation and someone will be tried, we will be a civil party. I don’t think, however, that it will ever happen to us. When these massacres happen, i Municipalities should implement legislation on poisoned meatballs, which exists and which is applied forcefully in many areas of the country. Investigations should be made to understand the origin of the poison and limit the areas of poisoning to find every possible trace to reach those responsible, claims Carla Rocchi.

A massacre that smacks of revenge

In recent days, after the death of Simona Cavallaro, the mayor of Catanzaro Sergio Abramo, called a meeting to discuss with the animal welfare associations what to do to stem the phenomenon of straying. The massacre of dogs in the capital has hurt the susceptibility of many citizens. Many believe that there is a real psychosis in place, to be blamed on the danger of stray dogs. In reality, the poisonings in Catanzaro represent only a sort of stupid “revenge” against poor defenseless beasts, admits the national president of ENPA.

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