“In Italy it is a crime” – Corriere.it

“In Italy it is a crime” – Corriere.it
“In Italy it is a crime” – Corriere.it
from Davide Urietti

Thomas Pesquet, ESA’s French astronaut, posted a video in which he celebrates, eating pizza with the rest of the crew and explaining that in terms of ingredients “everything is fine, except pineapple. It would be a serious crime in Italy ».

Party on the International Space Station, eating pizza? One can, as documented by the French astronaut, belonging to the ESA (European Space Agency), Thomas Pesquet, who posted a video on his Instagram profile. The entire crew, in fact, met a few days ago to celebrate the birthday of Megan McArthur, NASA cosmonaut, who turned 50. The clip shows how zero gravity made this pizza party very fluctuating, but no less fun, judging by the faces of those present. The video uploaded, in fact, not only testifies to the moment in which the crew finally bites into their pizza, but also the preparation of the same..

The most attentive will notice that these are not real pizzas, given the impossibility of preparing the dough and using the oven. The astronauts, therefore, have fallen back on tortillas, stuffing them to their liking. And that the experience was enjoyed, as Pesquet’s own words show, which the astronaut included in the caption for the description of the video: “Floating pizza night with friends, it almost feels like a Saturday on Earth ». Not only that, the cosmonaut wanted to explain why the preparation phase was also present in the video, that is to allow users to judge his culinary skills. In this regard, the Italians will certainly have appreciated the absence of pineapple, a characteristic ingredient of Hawaiian pizza, but on which there have always been discussions. A precise choice by Pesquet, who – concluding with these words – demonstrates his attention to Italian cuisine: «Everything is fine, except the pineapple. It would be a serious crime in Italy».

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