Beginning of school 2021, the site to trace the path of children from home to class-

Beginning of school 2021, the site to trace the path of children from home to class-
Beginning of school 2021, the site to trace the path of children from home to class-

Tomorrow the first bell in South Tyrol and in some institutes in the North. Headmasters divided on the exemption from masks among immunized students

In addition to the platform to check the teachers’ green pass comes the portal to help students and principals to better organize home-school-home travel. “This is one of the critical issues that remain at the beginning of the year – explains Undersecretary for Education Barbara Floridia, who is looking after the ReGenerationSchool for the ecological transition of the school system -. From the end of September some schools on an experimental basis (from December it will be available for all the others) will be able to access the “green mobility” portal not only for promote sustainable mobility paths for students but also to know the flows of teachers and students. This tool will be used to report critical issues to local authorities, ask for upgrades of urban lines and also organize class schedules in this emergency period ».

The portal, which contains anonymously the data of students and school staff, it is also useful for monitoring the risks of gathering and contagion. It will be available to mobility manager of schools, a figure that has been foreseen for years and that should really take care of home-school path.

The eve of the beginning of the school year, which begins tomorrow in the province of Bolzano and in some schools that start with the orientation of the first classes especially in the Northern Regions, it is still marked by the controversy over the derogation from the use of masks in classes where everyone is vaccinated. For now it is only an announcement, made by Minister Patrizio Bianchi, but the principals are divided between for and against (including the infectious disease specialist Marco Bassetti). The issue is also the subject of political confrontation, with Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini contesting the proposal (already contained in the decree of August 6, which will be converted by the end of the month) because it risks setting aside unvaccinated students.

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