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“I was wrong to trust, I just asked him for help”

“I was wrong to trust, I just asked him for help”
“I was wrong to trust, I just asked him for help”

“And now? Now tell me that I will have that money … ». First the anger, then the despondency that soon leads to despair. A storm of strong feelings, the one that since Thursday has taken possession of Donna Carmela like a demon. We will call her this, with a fictional name – Carmela – the lady victim of what remains suspended between a theft and a robbery “with ticket” in Naples.
But there is very little to joke about. “Please tell me that I have not lost that money”: the 69-year-old elderly woman, who lives not far from the tobacconist’s where the facts now under investigation took place, first tried to be heartened by the Arma soldiers who collected his complaint, then from family, friends and acquaintances.

Naples, tobacconist escapes with Scratch and Win for 500,000 euros: old woman robbed, asked to block the ticket

It is useless and in some ways also harmful to dwell on the profile that would allow identifying who is the victim of such a striking case in which there are so many, really so much money involved. And then it is better to rely on the testimony of those who in these hours remain close to an elderly woman who can no longer find peace. «Carmela is desperate – says a friend of hers – and with shining eyes she continues to inquire:“ But did they take him? When will he return what’s mine? Why did he do this to me? “

One of his mind-boggling concerns is about what will happen now. He feels the winning, legitimate; and fears that now, amid the paperwork of an inevitable administrative-judicial process, the winnings who knows if, when and how it will arrive. “It’s like letting those who live in the dark see the light – comments Carmela’s friend – But how do you get to this?”.
The old woman was a regular at that bookstore. He tried his luck every week, even without spending large sums. And the day the mess happened, he had also played a few numbers on the lotto before buying the lucky ticket. Then, perhaps with the rest of the bet in his hands, he asked for a five euro “Scratch and Win”.

In the jumble of rumors from the sidewalks that often have no real basis and only tend to confuse things even more, yesterday in via Materdei there were those who claimed that yes, it is true that Donna Carmela was in possession of that coupon, but that she would have bought it in another tobacconist’s, and even in another neighborhood. This is a circumstance to be verified, and that – given the dynamics of the facts, in any case it would take little away from the improper possession of the game title.

In the meantime she stays at home, sitting in an armchair next to the telephone. Waiting for a ring, because every ring could mean that her nightmare is over: a call from the carabinieri who tell her that the man she trusted blindly, to the point of showing him that luck had finally kissed her too, was tracked down. Or he spontaneously showed up to tell his version of events

“There is little else to add – concludes those who know the victim well – Is it possible that this man does not run his hand over his conscience?” Is it possible that he does not have a lawyer, a person of trust and common sense who advises him to turn himself in to the carabinieri? What do you hope to achieve by hiding? ‘ Questions to which answers could arrive in the next few hours ».


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