What do we know about the shooting in Trieste

In the last few hours, some more information has emerged about the shooting which on Saturday morning left seven injured, two of which were serious, in the center of Trieste. According to the first reconstructions of the newspapers, not yet officially confirmed, it would have been a settling of scores between some rival groups of Kosovar nationality. About an hour after the shooting, two of the people suspected of being involved were stopped by police, and several homes of other people thought to be present were searched in the afternoon, some of which are still wanted.

The shooting took place around 8 am near a bar in via Carducci, in the city center. Some witnesses heard from Little and yes Republic they said that initially there would have been a discussion between various people and then the rival groups would have clashed in a fight, with sticks, bars and “a mess of chairs and stools thrown into the air”. The shooting would take place within minutes, after several other people arrived on the scene in some cars and a van. A witness told al Little that the people involved in the fight broke the windows of several cars, and then they would “run away in the car.”

Around 9 am two people suspected of having been involved in the shooting were stopped aboard a van at the entrance to the motorway, about thirty kilometers from the center of Trieste. According to the newspapers, the two men were still armed and more shots were fired at the time of their arrest.

Trieste Before wrote that on Saturday afternoon the police of the police headquarters and the Operational Unit of the Emergency Response of the Anticrime Department of Padua conducted a vast police operation and searches in various houses in the San Vito district, a few kilometers south of the city center, where they were parked two vans owned by some of the suspects, one of them with a broken windshield and driver’s side window, finding some people injured.

Always second Trieste Before, the injured were hospitalized in two different hospitals – that of Cattinara and that of Monfalcone – presumably to separate people belonging to rival groups.

According to a witness heard by the Little «The dynamics [della sparatoria] they were typical of a punitive expedition ». Also the chief prosecutor of Trieste Antonio De Nicolo, quoted by Republic, said that “the action was clearly directed towards the opposing group,” but added that it is still too early to draw conclusions.

At the moment the motive for the shooting is unclear, but one hypothesis is that it may have been motivated by a discussion about work issues: the Little he hypothesizes that the people suspected of being involved are workers belonging to groups of Kosovar origin “implanted in the Trieste construction world”, which could be linked to criminal gangs.

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