The land of almond blossom is in Italy. And it’s beautiful

The land of almond blossom is in Italy. And it’s beautiful
The land of almond blossom is in Italy. And it’s beautiful

Winter still seems to hold a barren and lifeless landscape in its grip, but suddenly something is reborn: i almond trees in bloom they are an amazing sight, which can be admired even before the arrival of spring. And to do that you don’t need to go too far from home, since the magic relives every year in Sicily.

The cultivation of almonds was introduced in Italy in very distant times: their arrival in our country it is due to the Phoenicians, who imported these plants from Greece throughout the Mediterranean basin. And it is precisely in Sicily that they have found widespread diffusion, especially with the Arab domination. Many of the typical Sicilian almond-based sweets, which are much appreciated throughout the peninsula, were transplanted centuries ago in the our culinary tradition by the Arabs.

Sicily is therefore the land of almond trees in bloom. Between the end of January and the first days of March, when the weather is still cold and the days are very short, a small miracle occurs: plants suddenly come back to life, with beautiful soft colored flowers blooming on the bare branches. The climate of the Sicilian region is ideal for the cultivation of almonds, because temperatures remain quite pleasant even during the winter season.

Almond trees in bloom in Sicily

One of the most beautiful areas where it is possible to admire it show of the flowering of the almond trees is the Val di Noto, in south-eastern Sicily. The gentle green hills that stretch between Ragusa and Syracuse are a very hospitable land for these plantations: the warm winds that come from the sea make the climate pleasantly warm, while the Iblei mountains that surround it behind help to protect it from the coldest currents.

Between Noto and Avola, there is a great one almond production. However, the whole of Sicily is characterized by beautiful landscapes embellished with these plants. Another area where their flowering is truly spectacular is the Valley of the Temples, near Agrigento. Here too, the environmental conditions made it possible for the almond tree to find the ideal soil to grow. Admire its delightful flowers in the frame of the archaeological park, where ancient temples and marvelous ruins vie for the scene, is something that cannot be forgotten.

Almond trees in the Valley of the Temples


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