Municipal elections in Milan, slates closed: 13 candidates for mayors and 28 symbols

Municipal elections in Milan, slates closed: 13 candidates for mayors and 28 symbols
Municipal elections in Milan, slates closed: 13 candidates for mayors and 28 symbols

Milano – Thirteen candidates for statutory auditors and 28 lists. The numbers of the municipal elections of 3 and 4 October are these, unless there are irregularities in the signatures collected (checks are in progress). Compared to five years ago, there are four more aspiring first citizens, perhaps because this time the signatures to be collected were only 334 (one third of the thousand expected before the Covid emergency).
The outgoing mayor and Giuseppe re-nominated Sala is supported by eight slates: Democratic Party, Beppe Sala Sindaco, I Riformisti, Milano Unita, Europa Verde, Milano Radicale, Volt and Milano in Salute. The center-right mayoral candidate, the head of Pediatrics Luca Bernardo, is supported by six lists: Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, Bernardo Civic List, Popular Milan and European Liberal Party.

Manager Layla Pavone will try to make the third inconvenience with the list of 5 Star Movement. The novelty of this challenge for Palazzo Marino, given the period of health emergency, is the presence of two No Vax mayoral candidates: the senator, former Northern League and former grillino, Gianluigi Paragone, leader of Italexit, supported by two lists: Milan Mayor Paragone and the Great North; the doctor Teodosio De Bonis, on the field with the 3V Movement. In the progressive field there is the candidacy of the professor of the Politecnico ed former municipal councilor Giorgio Goggi, supported by the Milan Socialists and Milan Liberal and, further to the left, by Gabriele Mariani (Milan in the Municipality and Environmentalist Civic), Bianca Tedone (Power to the People), Natale Azzaretto (Communist Party of Workers), Marco Muggiani (Italian Communist Party) and Alessandro Pascale (Communist Party). There are also two civic candidates: Bryant Biavaschi (Milan starts here) and Mauro Festa (Gay Party).

The leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini, meanwhile, goes on the attack: “In Milan, most likely, there will be a ballot in which two ideas of the city and two people, Bernardo and Sala, will confront each other. We will go to remember all the promises made by Sala five years ago and we will see how many of these have been kept: zero. “Sala’s reply is quick:” Salvini says that I have not kept my promises? I do not agree. I remind him that in 2018/2019 Milan has been declared the most liveable city in Italya “. So much so. Today at 12 noon Giorgia Meloni is expected to present the FdI list at The Square hotel. And on Wednesday and Thursday in the city there will be Giuseppe Conte for the M5S.

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