SIX IDEAS FOR ROME, letter from di Giovanni Zannola

SIX IDEAS FOR ROME, letter from di Giovanni Zannola
SIX IDEAS FOR ROME, letter from di Giovanni Zannola

The city of neighborhoods and intermodal mobility, inclusive and sustainable, where sport is good for everyone and the sea is a resource

Dearest, dearest,

since, in 2013, I was elected councilor of the X Municipality, and then, in 2018, in the city council, I have had the good fortune to forge human and political relationships with many territorial, social and cultural realities. A living and vital Rome, even if at times in difficulty, due to the inability of those who govern it.

It is with these energies that I want to keep up. This is why I decided to reapply, alongside Roberto Gualtieri, in the administrative elections of 3 and 4 October 2021.
I have in mind six ideas of cities that I would like to realize, integrated and complementary.

The City of neighborhoods, intended as community spaces to be strengthened, to enhance their history, culture, goods and services.

The inclusive city, equipped with a shared citizen social plan, able to take on all the frailties and stop saving on the skin of people with maximum-discount tenders.

The City of Intermodal Mobility, with strong public transport and a sustainable and integrated mobility network, able to offer agile travel solutions.

The City of Sport for all, organized in sports districts and full of equipped public green spaces, widespread multipurpose facilities and popular gyms.

The sustainable city, in the broad sense of the term, from the care of urban green to the planning of a city food policy, from energy saving to waste management.

The City of the Sea, where the coast and its hinterland become a privileged opportunity for non-intensive and quality development, combining beauty, economic growth, sustainability, accessibility and quality of life.

If you have suggestions, advice and proposals or want to join the volunteers, you can write me on Whatsapp at 3279917631 or by email at [email protected] or you can go to one of the two electoral committees in Viale Vasco de Gama, 60 (X Town Hall) or Piazza della Libertà, 10.

Giovanni Zannola

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