European volleyball, Italy beats Serbia and is European champion – Sports – Other Sports

European volleyball, Italy beats Serbia and is European champion – Sports – Other Sports
European volleyball, Italy beats Serbia and is European champion – Sports – Other Sports

Belgrade, 4 September 2021 – Exactly like Italy’s Mancini, Davide’s Italvolley Mazzanti wins the European away and comeback. Serbia, the black beast after the defeats at the World Cup and the Olympics, was batting for three sets to one with the score of 24-26, 25-22, 25-19, 25-11. The Italy of volleyball extends the magical blue summer and raises itself on the roof of Europe.

Like the Mancio

Belgrade is a bedlam, 20 thousand people cheering for the home team but it is the summer of miracles. After the basketball pre-Olympic and after the European football championship, the success of volleyball also arrived. But the comeback was needed. Balanced first partial, there are mini leaks but nothing definitive. The two teams try to contain themselves against the wall, with Serbia a little more effective and less foul, decisive factors for the first set. At 22-21 the hosts find the break with a lob of Milenkovic that Italy, a little lazily, is unable to defend. Sylla however he manages to impact on the equal 24 with a sumptuous attack from the second line, however Serbia finds the decisive points with a first half by Rasic and the usual dunk by Boskovic: 26-24. Game point to point also in the second, there are no decisive breaks but Italy struggles to defend the game with Ognjenovic’s central players, while De Gennaro finds a couple of fantastic defenses on Boskovic. You get to 20 even and once again it is the Serbian wall that makes the difference on Pietrini and Egonu, then the blue crusher also puts an error that is worth the mini escape on 22-20. There is the blue reaction, Pietrini, Egonu and Sylla bring 3 consecutive points to Mazzanti and Serbia is forced to time out. The inertia has however changed e Danes closes the set with a monster block: 25-22.

The third set was decisive

Rocket start in the third of Serbia which immediately takes a five-point lead, but Italy comeback as an ant and even comes to overtake and counter-escape. It is the decisive phase. The blue ones date back as long as 18-14 thanks to Danesi and Chirichella, throwing Serbia into a corner. The Serbs are blocked and do not find effective solutions in attack, the blue no longer drop anything and in the end Sylla closes the score: 25-19. The fourth partial is a catwalk, Italy is unstoppable, walls, defends, attacks: everything succeeds in Mazzanti’s girls. Three consecutive aces of Egonu they are worth the most 13, black out in Belgrade. Boskovic fires blanks, Sylla dominates in both phases and Egonu is no longer wrong. The last ball belongs to Sylla: Italy is European champion! Serbia, which had prevailed at the World Championships and Olympics, ends up being a black beast.

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