Sara Pedri, the 17 disputes to dismiss the primary. And that very serious sentence to a colleague: “You would be eliminated”

Sara Pedri, the 17 disputes to dismiss the primary. And that very serious sentence to a colleague: “You would be eliminated”
Sara Pedri, the 17 disputes to dismiss the primary. And that very serious sentence to a colleague: “You would be eliminated”

Head physician Saverio Tateo (archive)

Some objections were already known, such as the famous interviews in the dark study – lit only by the table light, a gynecologist had told – or the request to soundproof the door, but for privacy reasons, the head physician had specified. Then there are statements, complaints and small episodes, of very little significance , explains Professor Vincenzo Ferrante, lawyer of the former director of the obstetrics and gynecology unit of the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento, Saverio Tateo, at the center of the earthquake that broke out after the disappearance on 4 March of the young gynecologist from Forl, Sara Pedri (family members fear that she took her own life). There are 17 complaints from the disciplinary commission of the health company asking for the dismissal of the head physician for very serious objective facts. The confirmation or not of the provision will be up to the committee of guarantors, renewed in recent days, which will have 60 days to express an opinion and will be binding.

The disputes

Tateo will ask to be heard to clarify the statements made by some witnesses heard in the disciplinary. Claims denied by the documents, by documentary evidence of the health company that we have producedexplains the lawyer Ferrante, recalling the statements of a gynecologist who had told of being banned from the operating room. But the shift logs tell another truth. There are registers – clarifies the lawyer – which are compiled in great detail and certify the presence of the doctor in the room, denying her statements. We have produced all the documents, but the health company has not taken them into consideration. One of the disputes also concerns the case of a gynecologist who was allegedly targeted by the primary because the family of a pregnant woman complained. Tateo probably intervened to protect the patient, the company stopped only to the statements collected, reiterates Ferrante, who is ready to do battle in the courts. In case of confirmation of the dismissal, there will be a judicial appeal. A court will decide. It is clear that if the judicial office gives us reason, someone will have to compensate the damage, he says. The lawyer talks about inconsistent motivations and irrelevant circumstances, also recalling the incidents of the inquisitorial interviews. I would like them to explain to me what it means, the light was off because it was 1pm, besides Tateo was never alone, but other colleagues were present. The real problem – continues the lawyer – is that the hours of doctors in Italy are longer because there are few doctors and it is not easy to organize. The interviews were done individually to understand the needs of individuals on timetables, they were aimed at ensuring a continuous service. Doctor Tateo has never given even a disciplinary sanction, never a reminder, a professional who has brought the department to Italian excellence by not having the university behind him, many have left for this, it seems to me that the victim in the end be him.

The defence

The defense denies the alleged climate of terror in the ward. The documents also reveal an intimidating phrase that Tateo would have addressed to a doctor: You would be physically eliminated. Words remembered during the hearing in the ministerial seat and then transmitted to the carabinieri of the Nas and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The defense denies: The head physician says he never said those words. The Prosecutor’s Office will now clarify and verify the messages found on Sara Pedri’s phone. They tell me that I am a terroncella to be straightened, he would have written to a friend. Sister Emanuela tells it: They called her that because she specialized at the University of Calabria. Returning to the disciplinary, the defense will also fight on the committee, appointed after the conclusion of the work of the disciplinary commission. President Maurizio Fugatti takes off: We have always been third, if the commission has decided so will have made its assessments. Filippo Degasperi (Civic Wave) intervenes on the late appointment of the guarantors: The court is not set up when there is the problem, yet another alarm bell, there are flaws in the healthcare company. Councilor Claudio Cia (Fdl) says he is stunned: Among the members of the commission there are personalities who, due to the role they held, were required to give a tangible follow-up to the alarm bells that had been coming for some time.

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