owner of La Carbonara prevents theft

owner of La Carbonara prevents theft
owner of La Carbonara prevents theft

It had become the nightmare of the restaurateurs of Campo de ‘Fiori, especially now that the tourists have returned to the center of Rome. A 23-year-old homeless Algerian citizen was arrested for aggravated theft by the carabinieri of the Rome Piazza Farnese station, after stealing the backpack of a customer who was having dinner in a restaurant. The man attempted to leave but was eventually stopped and the stolen goods recovered and returned to the victim. He had now become the nightmare of the restaurants in the area, where he had landed several hits.

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The technique was very simple: the thief targeted the bags, backpacks and jackets that the customers put behind the chair and taking advantage of moments of distraction, he managed to steal, running away undisturbed.
But the other night it went wrong. The owner of La Carbonara saw the scene and managed to block it and give the alarm to the carabinieri who were in the square.

The foreigner was handcuffed and taken to the barracks, held in the security rooms of the weapon, pending the very direct rite. Measure then validated by the court that sentenced him to 4 months. The stolen goods were recovered and returned to the victim. The man already had a precedent against heritage.

For some time, the restaurants in the area have been targeted by thefts from customers. On July 19, it was discovered that the selfie auction was used by thieves to rob tourists sitting at tables. A different modus operandi that led to the arrest by the carabinieri of San Lorenzo in Lucina of a band of Cubans.

Now we are trying to reconstruct the history of the arrested person, to understand if he is responsible for other episodes that occurred in that area, in restaurants, in the same way. The Algerian, gravitated to the downtown area, the restaurateurs apparently did not have direct knowledge of the subject but slowly with word of mouth the threshold of attention on their part was raised.

Precisely this has meant that it was the restaurateur of Campo de ‘Fiori, now on alert, who noticed the theft of his backpack and stopped the thief. Perhaps the nightmare of hunting the thief is over for the restaurateurs in the area.



owner Carbonara prevents theft

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