Osim: “I discovered Dzeko, Inter is the right club. He can win in Milan “

Osim: “I discovered Dzeko, Inter is the right club. He can win in Milan “
Osim: “I discovered Dzeko, Inter is the right club. He can win in Milan “

The discoverer of the Bosnian striker approves the choice of the transfer to the Nerazzurri

“The first time I saw Edin he was only 11 years old. I had returned to Bosnia after living 6-7 years in France and I played the last year as a footballer. Everyone was already talking about a very young promise who scored goals in bursts. Intrigued I began to play. follow the matches of the youth teams. And I immediately realized his qualities. Years later, as soon as I was appointed coach of the first team, Dzeko signed his first professional contract. At that time, no one was betting on the 17-year-olds. “The story a Tuttosport and of Amar Osim, the coach who first focused on the Bosnian striker at the time of Zeljeznicar.

“He’s part of a fantastic generation. We had the best team in Bosnia, but he already made a difference. Edin in the youth team will have scored something like 40-50 goals per season. It’s never easy to score, in fact it’s the hardest thing in the game. football. You can’t do it if you’re not strong and intelligent, top player skills, all inherent in Dzeko. “

Do you think Inter can win some trophies?

“He chose the right club. Honestly, it was difficult to triumph against Roma, which remain a great club, but which have won very few titles in the last 50 years. I often went to the capital, spent a lot of time there with Edin and saw a myriad Let’s face it, sometimes you had the feeling that the only one who could do something for the team was Dzeko. And it’s difficult to play in these conditions if you have the ambition to win. In Inter the story is completely different”.

Now he replaces Lukaku.

“The Belgian has a different game. He throws the ball forward, runs, jumps and scores. But it is easier to play with Dzeko. In Milan he will not only have to do the dirty work but he will have the energy to score. Then Edin is able to create. space and dialogue with his teammates. With Correa and Lautaro he can do very well “.

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Osim discovered Dzeko Inter club win Milan

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