Municipal 2021, all lists. From Rome to Milan to Bologna: who is in the running – Politics

Municipal 2021, all lists. From Rome to Milan to Bologna: who is in the running – Politics
Municipal 2021, all lists. From Rome to Milan to Bologna: who is in the running – Politics

Rome, 4 September 2021 – Municipal 2021, let’s go: today at noon the delivery of the lists for the administrative of the next 3 and 4 October, date on which you return to the vote in addition 1,200 Municipalities and in the Calabria region. Obviously the eyes of politics are focused above all on ‘big’ cities like Rome, Milan, Bologna, Naples and Turin. If in the first round no candidate obtains 50% plus one of the votes, the ballot will be held on 17 and 18 October.

Many curiosities revolve around these elections: from Lgbt list presented in Monterone, the smallest municipality in Italy (31 inhabitants), a Clemente Mastella who is running for mayor of Benevento. The social storm for the twenty years old with the rolex, candidate in Rome with Calenda, the fact that 7 candidates are presented in Caserta, and they are all males.


In the capital, 22 candidates have filed their signatures, supported by 39 lists. In all, there are over 1,800 people vying for the Capitol. Obviously the real challenge is restricted to 4 candidates for mayor: in addition to the outgoing one Virginia Raggi, Roberto Gualtieri, Enrico Michetti and Carlo Calenda. These 4 total 20 lists: Raggi has 6, Michetti as many, Gualtieri 7 and Calenda only one.

Rome: 21 candidates to lead the capital with 39 support lists

Pippo Franco on the list with Michetti: “I am committed to art”

The vast puzzle of the candidacies for mayor of Milan is complete. At 12, closing date for the presentation, I am 28 lists submitted and 13 candidates to the chair of mayor. But in the challenge to the outgoing mayor Beppe Sala, who tries an encore, supported by the center-left and eight formations, the main competitor is the doctor wanted by the center-right, Luca Bernardo, supported by six formations, the whole coalition plus the European Liberal party and its civic list Luca Bernardo. The name of the pediatrician came after the definitive ‘no’ of the much courted former mayor Gabriele Albertini.
Curiosity: for the first time since 1993 the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini, does not participate to the Municipalities: League leaders in Milan will be Annarosa Racca, researcher and president of Federfarma Lombardia. The manager presents herself for the Five Star Movement Layla Pavone. Two unexpected candidates: Teodosio De Bonis and Natale Azzaretto. The first takes the field with the 3V movement, openly against the vaccine. The second, with the Communist Workers’ Party he had already run as a candidate in 2016.

Municipal elections, 23 lists filed: final rush today. Towards 13 aspiring candidates

There are eight candidates to succeed the mayor in Bologna Virginio Merola, which ends the two terms of mayor. In the capital of Emilia-Romagna they will compete Fabio Battistini (chosen by Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia, Bologna we like and Popolo of the family), Matteo Lepore (outgoing councilor and supported by Pd, M5s, Civic Coalition, Green Europe, Volt-socialists, Matteo Lepore mayor and Even you Conti), Stefano Sermenghi (supported by Bfc and Italexit), Dora Palumbo (United Left), Marta Collot (Power to the People), Andrea Tosatto (Moving 3V), Federico Bacchiocchi (Communist Party of Workers) and finally Luca Labanti (Movement 24 August).

2021 Bologna municipal elections lists, all names

There are seven candidates for mayor of Naples confirmed at the moment, pending the checks that are underway by the electoral office. In addition to Antonio Bassolino, Alessandra Clemente, Catello Maresca and Gaetano Manfredi, I’m running Matteo Brambilla for ‘Napoli in Movimento – No alliances’, Rosella Solombrino for the ‘August 24th Movement for Territorial Equity’, Giovanni Moscarella for the ‘Movimento 3V’ and ‘Rinascita Napoli’, for which there are currently no confirmations on the presentation of the candidacy.
There are 13 lists in support of Manfredi, five for Bassolino, three for Clemente, while at the moment the number of lists for Maresca is not yet official. AND’ yellow, in fact, on the presentation of the two civics which report directly to the magistrate on leave, or ‘Catello Maresca’ and ‘Maresca Mayor’, which may have been filed late. The Maresca staff and the electoral committee neither confirm nor deny the news. In the meantime, in the electoral office the verification of documents has just begun, due to the crowd created in the last minutes by the delegates who reached the offices a few minutes before the deadline set for 12 hours.

But there is also the risk of exclusion for the Prima Napoli list, which has within it i candidate councilors of the League to the Municipality of Naples. The delegates, including the regional councilor and citizen coordinator of the Carroccio, Severino Nappi, they reached the headquarters of the electoral office before 12 (deadline set for the filing of the lists), but they stopped a few minutes outside the building to prepare the last documents and, in the final crowd, they entered a couple of minutes after 12. The delegates argue that the list for the City Council was delivered well before 12 and that even those of the Municipalities arrived within the allowed time. It will be up to the officials, who have collected the documentation, to examine it and determine if everything is in order.

Naples: seven (for now) mayoral candidates

I am four candidates to the office of president of the Calabria Region and 21 lists for the Regional Council. The Forza Italia group leader in the Chamber is competing, Roberto Occhiuto, for the center-right; the researcher Amalia Bruni for the center left; the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris for a civic pole and the former governor Mario Oliverio as an independent. In support of Occhiuto there are seven lists: Forza Italia, Forza Azzurri, Fratelli d’Italia, Lega, Udc, Courage and Noi con Italia. Bruni will have the support of seven lists: Pd, Amalia Bruni president of Calabria Sicura, Movimento 5 Stelle, Tesoro Calabria, Psi, Green Europe, Dpam-popular animal rights democracy. Six lists make up de Magitris’ coalition: De Magitris president, DemA, United with de Magistris, For Calabria with de Magistris, Another Calabria is possible and Calabria resistant and supportive. Finally, Oliverio will take the field with a list: Oliverio president of Calabrian Identity.

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