Covid today: Coronavirus infections in Italy. The Bulletin of the Regions – Chronicle

Covid today: Coronavirus infections in Italy. The Bulletin of the Regions – Chronicle
Covid today: Coronavirus infections in Italy. The Bulletin of the Regions – Chronicle

Rome, 4 September 2021 – New cases of Covid in Italy, my he bulletin of today of the Ministry of Health also notes a slight increase in hospitalizations and intensive care. The positives in the 24 hours are 6.157, against 6,735 yesterday (here the complete bulletin of September 3) but above all the 6,860 of last Saturday, confirming that the weekly trend remains with the minus sign as it has been for five days. The most affected region is still Sicily, which remains in the yellow zone unlike the rest of the peninsula (according to the latest data there are 17 moderate risk regions). Meanwhile, we go towards the mandatory vaccine in autumn. And, always today, theModern pharmaceutical company announced that it has submitted conditional marketing approval (CMA) data to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the evaluation of a 50g booster dose (third dose) of its vaccine.


There are 6,157 i new cases of Covid in Italy. The deaths they are instead 56 (yesterday 58), for a total of 129,466 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. The molecular and antigenic swabs carried out in the last 24 hours are 331,350 and the positivity rate drops to 1.9% compared to 2.2% yesterday. They return to rise i ordinary hospitalizations, 40 more (yesterday -41), 4,204 in all, while the terapie intensive there are 13 more (yesterday +1) with 53 entries of the day (12 of which in Sicily alone), and there are 569 in total. The total cases thus rise to 4,566,126. The healed are 6,086 (yesterday 6,544), for a total of 4,299,621 since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of people currently positive rises slightly, 13 more (yesterday +127), and there are 137,039 in all, of which 132,266 in home isolation.

The region with the most cases today is still there Sicily, albeit slightly down for a few days, with 1,200 infections, followed at a distance by Veneto (+645), Lombardy (+577), Emilia Romagna (+545) and Tuscany (+491).

I am 645 the new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto, which bring the total of infections to 457,620, and 5 deaths, with the victims rising to 11,698. The swabs carried out in the 24 hours are 49,072, of which 12,501 are molecular and 36,571 are antigenic, with an incidence of cases of 1.31%. The current positives drop to 12,966 (-113). Patients in hospitals are also decreasing, with 220 hospitalized in a non-critical area (-5) and 51 (-3) in intensive care.

I am 545 more compared to yesterday, the infections at Covid in Emilia Romagna, out of a total of 34,857 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of tampons made since yesterday is therefore 1.5%. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Modena with 90 new cases, followed by Reggio Emilia (86), then by Bologna (71), Rimini (68), Ravenna (65), then Parma (49), Ferrara (35), Piacenza (32), Forlì and the Imola district (both with 18 cases) and finally Cesena (13). As for the people healed, there are 393 more than yesterday. The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 16,639 (+151 compared to yesterday).

I am 491 more than yesterday the new positive cases in Tuscany (485 confirmed with molecular swab and 6 by rapid antigen test), which lead to 273,434 cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic. The average age of the 491 new positives today is approximately 39 years. Today it is registered a new death, which brings the total to 7,028. Overall hospitalizations are growing: they are 459, 3 more than yesterday, of which 59 in intensive care, stable. The healed grew by 0.2% and reached 255,531 (93.5% of total cases). The currently positive are 10,875 today, + 0.3% compared to yesterday. Overall, 10,416 people are in isolation at home, as they have mild symptoms that do not require hospital care or are symptom-free (26 more than yesterday, up 0.3%). There are 12,295 (67 more than yesterday, plus 0.5%) people, also isolated, in active surveillance for contacts with infected people. With regard to the individual provinces, Florence records 139 more cases than yesterday, Prato 71, Pistoia 69, Massa Carrara 10, Lucca 35, Pisa 46, Livorno 34, Arezzo 31, Siena 38, Grosseto 18.

The new cases of Covid 19 in Campania in the last 24 hours are 455. There are 20,778 molecular and antigenic tests. 2. Of the 656 ICU beds available, 26 are occupied. Of the 3,160 hospital beds available, including private ones, 373 are occupied.

In Piedmont I’m 302 new cases of people tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 28 after antigen tests), equal to 0.9% of 33,102 swabs performed, of which 27,747 antigenic. Of the 302 new cases, 136 were asymptomatic (45%). There are 23 hospitalized in intensive care (+3 compared to yesterday). There are 159 hospitalized patients not in intensive care (unchanged compared to yesterday). There are 3,673 people in home isolation. Three deaths, bringing the total to 11,723. A total of 362,059 patients recovered (+161 compared to yesterday)

In the last 24 hours they are 294 the positives to the Coronavirus in Calabria on 3,745 swabs performed. In the region, 1,098,388 swabs have been carried out so far, the cases are 78,964 (yesterday they were 78,670). Compared to yesterday, the ratio of swabs made to positive swabs rises (from 7.75% to 7.85%). Since the beginning of the emergency, the deaths are 1,330 (+3 compared to yesterday), the healed are 72,498 (+226 compared to yesterday), currently there are 190 hospitalizations (+4 compared to yesterday), of which 15 in intensive care ( +1 compared to yesterday). The currently positive are 4,946 (+65).

In Puglia they are 228 the new cases, with an incidence of 1.4%. The victims were 5. This is the distribution of new cases by province: Bari, 70; Bat, 4; Brindisi, 28; Foggia, 54; Lecce, 55; Taranto, 16; one resident outside the region. Currently positive people are 4,323, those hospitalized in non-critical areas are 230 and 20 people hospitalized in intensive care, a number unchanged compared to yesterday.

In the last 24 hours they have been identified in Walking 171 new cases of Covid-19, 11.4% compared to 1,499 swabs processed within the path for new diagnoses (yesterday the ratio was 11.3% with 172 cases out of 1,523 swabs); for the fourth consecutive day, the cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants fell and is now at 68.60 (yesterday it was 74.26). The total of positives identified since the beginning of the crisis has risen to 111,253. The latest cases have been identified 25 in the province of Ancona, 53 in the province of Macerata, 31 in that of Pesaro-Urbino, 18 in Fermano, 32 in Piceno and 12 outside the region. These cases include 33 symptomatic subjects. Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, 24,893 cases have been identified in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 34,709 in the province of Ancona, 23,369 in that of Macerata, 11,323 in Fermano and 12,271 in Piceno; in addition, 4,688 cases refer to residents outside the region.

In Sardinia I’m 173 new cases of Covid confirmed, out of 2,684 people tested. A total of 8,388 tests were processed, including molecular and antigenic tests, according to the latest update of the Region, which reports two new victims, including a 53-year-old man residing in the metropolitan city of Cagliari. The overall toll since the start of the pandemic thus rises to 1,590.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, today, out of 3,882 molecular swabs have been detected 144 new infections with a positive percentage of 3.7%. There are also 5,662 rapid antigenic tests performed from which 18 cases (0.31%) were detected. There are no deaths. There are 15 people hospitalized in intensive care, while the number of hospitalized in other departments decreases to 48.

The Liguria registers 143 new cases of positivity and no deaths, while 78 hospitalized patients (-2 compared to yesterday). Covid hospitalizations rose to 53 in the last day Umbria (there were 51 on Friday), eight of them (two more) in intensive care. There are 114 healed in the last 24 hours, but another death is recorded (1,434 in all since the beginning of the pandemic). The new confirmed cases of positivity are 100. Yesterday, in Basilicata, 1,151 molecular swabs were processed for the search for contagion from Covid-19, of which 48 (and among these 44 are residents in Basilicata), they tested positive. On the same day, 41 healings were recorded, 38 related to residents in the region. There are 11 new positives in Molise, 89 in the province of Bolzano. In Valle d’Aosta 3 new positives.

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