Starace: “It is unrealistic to rethink nuclear power in Italy”. But Bombassei embraces the idea

Starace: “It is unrealistic to rethink nuclear power in Italy”. But Bombassei embraces the idea
Starace: “It is unrealistic to rethink nuclear power in Italy”. But Bombassei embraces the idea

MILANO – A rethinking in Italy on nuclear power is not possible according to Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel. In Cernobbio for the Forum, Ambrosetti answered a sharp “no” to those who asked him if after the Italians’ rejection – with two referendums – of nuclear power it is realistic to think of a reconsideration. Not even to what is called “new nuclear”, because, he added, “it is not as new as it seems”.

The CEO of Enel stressed that in the energy transition we must hurry, but the path is not nuclear. “In the Italian energy mix, the fewer fossil fuels there are, the better we are all. The faster we get rid of the percentage of energy we are producing from fossil sources, the better we are in terms of energy. To do this, it is necessary to accelerate investments in renewable “.

During the presentation of the research “The European governance of the energy transition”, carried out with The European house – Ambrosetti, Starace added: ‘The decision of the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55%, and no more than 40 %, by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), accompanied by the recent adoption of the ‘Fit for 55’ package, confirms that decarbonisation is at the heart of building the Europe of the future. It is undoubtedly a challenge and, at the same time, the greatest opportunity that Europe has ever had in its recent history. “To achieve these goals by 2030, Europe must, however, increase investments: according to the research, 3,564 are needed. billions of euros in the next 10 years, of which 186 billion from Italy.

Furthermore, the research shows that the activation of investments for the energy transition would generate enormous economic benefits both in Europe and in Italy: for 1 euro of GDP in the electricity sector, the total impact on the economy is 2.28 euro. GDP Therefore, explained Starace, “bridging the investment gap with the 3,564 billion euros needed to reach the 2030 target in Europe (186 billion euros in Italy) could have a cumulative impact on GDP of 8,126 billion euros (424 billions of euros in Italy) “.

As regards Enel in particular, the CEO added: “We are interested in India. Finally this great country has made possible the private ownership of distribution assets”, underlining that “strategically we try to build an integrated position in the value chain, and therefore generations of energy, distribution and customers. In India we have long started the upstream part, and therefore the generation, and now we are interested in the rest of the chain. We will look at each other with great interest, because it is about a country with extraordinary energy growth potential “.

Bombassei: “4th generation plants the way forward”

“The possibility of exploiting nuclear energy with fourth generation plants is” a beautiful and stimulating theme. If you were to focus on this project, with a real following, it would be a really interesting answer. An applause to Minister Cingolani “. Alberto Bombassei, president of the Brembo group, on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti forum in Cernobbio, instead embraced the proposal.

“This technology is very innovative, it is not the old nuclear fission system. And if, as it seems, it has scientific support, I consider it an extremely interesting way,” he added.

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