Rdc, Meloni: “It’s state methadone”

Rdc, Meloni: “It’s state methadone”
Rdc, Meloni: “It’s state methadone”

Citizenship income “is state methadone”. This is how the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni defines him, also underlining how she “acted to keep the poor in their condition”. “The only result that has been obtained is that those who receive the income stay at home and work illegally on weekends, as happened in the tourist season – he adds, speaking at the Bibiena theater in Mantua -. Income is not educational, true education is work“added Meloni.

The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando also agrees on the need for a change. ” Citizenship income must be reviewed, it must be adapted to some specific situations but it is a fundamental tool “he said on the sidelines of an event of the Democratic Party.” If we removed it we would be among the few countries that do not have an instrument to combat poverty ”.

Green Pass

“The green pass is not used to stop the infection, but serves to surreptitiously introduce the vaccination obligation – says Meloni -. The government is irresponsible, because if you tell people that they are safe with the vaccine, it leads them to dangerous behavior”. “We have been defined as no vax and in the meantime we have been threatened with death by the no vax. I am vaccinated, my daughter has had all the vaccines, I do not consider myself no vax. The fact is that -attacks Meloni- the government does a lot of things absolutely meaningless and doesn’t know how to answer, so they put the label on you right away, so they don’t have to talk to you and don’t have to answer.

I’m not against vaccines, we were the first to ask for a serious campaign. Which means don’t lie to the Italians. They told us – he continued – that with the green pass we would not get sick, but it is not true. Politics must not lie, if the government wants to introduce the vaccination obligation it assumes its responsibilities. Vaccines do not stop the infection but stop hospitalization, and this is true. But then the government should only take into account the data on hospitalization “.


“Minister Bianchi said: ‘all vaccinated children can remove their masks’. On what scientific basis does he say this?” the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni in Mantua, wonders. “This only serves to ghettoize unvaccinated children, but it brings us straight back to the dad, because the infection runs the same” concludes the leader of Fdi.


“It is one thing to dialogue, one thing is to mess up. I don’t go to government with Pd and 5stelle because if you put together right, left and center you get nothing. With governments of national unity you throw resources and billions into a thousand streams”. “Politics is a system, everything must be kept. If you put 5 billion on citizenship income, 5 on 100 and 5 on some other electoral tip, what have you concluded? You have wasted 15 billion”, added Meloni, with reference to the government With you.


“Five Tunisians and an Egyptian, already expelled from Italy, found walking around the island of Lampedusa” later writes the leader of the Brothers of Italy. “Despite the deportation decree, they managed to land on our shores and now they will be under house arrest in the overflowing hotspot. While the Italians are taking their temperature with drones on the beach, the control over illegal immigrants seems to be an option for the Draghi government. But for some, ‘Lamorgese works very well’ “.

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