he was next to his son never seen by anyone

he was next to his son never seen by anyone
he was next to his son never seen by anyone

A’serial accumulator And dead in home next to the son submerged by tons of items. The agents of the flying squad and the firefighters, who intervened in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, found the body of the 70enne and the son that no one in the palace had ever seen.

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The apartment was full of objects up to the ceiling and yielded impossible any movement in addition to aunbreathable air. According to what reported by Corriere della Sera, the woman “pathological accumulator” was found by the police immobile, lifeless and with an absent gaze next to the son.

The apartment was filled with objects up to the ceiling, piles of material of all kinds that made theunbreathable air and made any movement impossible. The intervention of the firefighters was immediately necessary and, after breaking down the door, they struggled to reach the victim.

After having broken through the objects to explore the two rooms of the apartment, it was possible to find the body of the woman she was surrounded by materials accumulated over the years of loneliness and obsessions. Not far from the woman’s body he was found the victim’s son, which had never been seen by the condominiums of the building.

Neighbors said they crossed paths with the lady, who he was dragging a cart with him or some plastic bag, but not to have never seen the son. They thought she lived alone.

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