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Grand Tour enogastronomico Sentiero Italia CAI: 1st stage in the South. Source: Sentiero Italia CAI

Two scholars walking on the trail of Italian culinary history

A journey along the CAI Italy Path to tell the story of typical dishes and products, the result of contamination and cultural intertwining. This is the soul of the “Grand Food and Wine Tour on the Italian CAI Path”, the walkers project Irene Pellegrini and Barbara Gizzi which together constitute the laboratory of itineraries and research on sustainable mobility, which takes the name of Altropasso. The Tour is divided into three major stages covered mainly on foot along the boot: the first in the South took place between spring and summer, the second in Central Italy will start in October and the last in the Alps will be held in spring 2022 .

The history of food is not a history of roots but of routes, itineraries, nautical and hiking maps, encounters and clashes. A story of displacements and movements, perfect, in short, to be told on the way. With this philosophy, and taking a cue from the eighteenth-century Grand Tour, with which Italy was visited and told by foreign travelers, the “Grand Food and Wine Tour on the CAI Italy Path” was born, a socio-anthropological research that takes place on foot along the stages of the longest path in the world.

Grand Tour enogastronomico Sentiero Italia CAI: 1st stage in the South. Source: Sentiero Italia CAI

The creators of the project

Irene Pellegrini is a sociologist, researcher at the University of Geneva and an environmental hiking guide, Barbara Gizzi an expert in sustainable tourism, walking and trekking routes. Their journey, told live on social networks and on the channels of the Sentiero Italia CAI, will then lead to a book, a co-edition of the Italian Alpine Club and Slow Food.

“The Italian gastronomic history is a history that speaks many languages, which is made up of travels, migrations and displacements – explains Pellegrini -, which has been enriched by the steps and journeys and by traders, smugglers and sailors, pilgrims, exiles, oppressed and oppressors, travelers and vagabonds. Going back to the origins of food and its movements, Altropasso will walk along the CAI Italy Path, following the traces of both local and global history, both innovative and traditional, both agricultural and industrial, of some recipes of Italian cuisine. “

“The first session of the Grand Enograstronomic Tour took place in southern Italy – Gizzi continues -. We walked on the trail of dishes such as cous cous and world-famous foods such as Bergamot, Provolone and Marsala. We went to see how they are produced today and what history anchored them to the territory, making them a characteristic figure, and in doing so we discovered unique people and stories, which deserve to be known “.

The next steps

In autumn Pellegrini and Gizzi will go up the Apennines to complete the second stage of the “Grand Enogastronomic Tour on the Italian CAI Path”; finally, in the spring of 2022 they will close the trip across the Alps. In the coming weeks on the Sentiero Italia CAI website we will publish the reports of the first stages traveled in Southern Italy.

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