Foggia, tanker explodes in Candela: so much fear, only one injured. Video

Foggia, 5 August 2021 – Fear close to Foggia where a ‘tanker exploded due to a road accident on the state 655 which connects the provincial capital of Puglia to Candela. And of only one wounded the balance of the explosion of the heavy vehicle it was carrying about 40 thousand liters of LPG which took place around 14:30.

The driver of a car transporter was injured who hit the tanker. The latter was rushed to the Policlinico Riuniti in Foggia. At the moment the health conditions of the man are unknown. Instead, the driver of the tanker was unharmed. As far as we know, a queue of cars was in progress along that stretch of road. For reasons still under investigation, the heavy vehicle has buffered the tanker. There was a first spill of liquids, then – the firefighters reconstruct – the explosion occurred.

Fortunately on the other side of the road a fire brigade team was present engaged in extinguishing brushwood which, before the explosion occurred, made the motorists close to the two heavy vehicles away. Following the explosion, some pieces of sheet metal were thrown over 400 meters away. In addition to the tanker and the car transporter, an Anas vehicle was also completely destroyed by flames.

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