Green pass, from 6 August the obligation for restaurants, pubs and gyms is activated. Here are all the bans, exceptions and ways to get and download it

Green pass, from 6 August the obligation for restaurants, pubs and gyms is activated. Here are all the bans, exceptions and ways to get and download it
Green pass, from 6 August the obligation for restaurants, pubs and gyms is activated. Here are all the bans, exceptions and ways to get and download it

While the protests of a part of politics continue, the demonstrations in the streets and, at the same time, more and more people are subjected to the Covid vaccine, from tomorrow the new restrictions for those who are not in possession of the green pass. The latest decree of 22 July has in fact established that without the new vaccination pass, obtainable following vaccination, undergoing a swab with negative results or if you are cured of Covid, you will not be able to access some indoor premises, but not only that, such as restaurants, pubs, cinemas and more. At 11.30 the Control room with the heads of delegation of the majority and the heads of Cts, Locatelli e Brusaferro, while the cabinet on the new measures for the containment of Covid-19 and for the use of the green pass, it was called for 4 pm, as announced, the decisions regarding the use of the green pass for transport.

Bars, restaurants, cinemas and gyms: where the green pass must be presented
The vaccination pass will be necessary in many places indoors, but not only, and will mainly cover everything that is considered to be entertainment. First of all, this is one of the most discussed cases in recent weeks, the pass will be about restaurants, bars, pubs and other indoor venues. Those who do not have the document will be able to access these premises only with the option of outdoor seating. A restriction that concerns, however, only the consumption at the table, while for the one at the counter there are no restrictions.

Prohibition of access without green certification even in places of entertainment and culture, come cinemas and theaters, but also exhibitions and museums. In this case, the control at the entrance will be entrusted to the staff of the structure who, therefore, will assume responsibility in case of violations of the provisions. But remaining at the shows, access without a green pass will also be forbidden for outdoor shows and major sporting events which, even if not indoors, represent a risk for the high number of participants, despite a reduced capacity. Always following the same principle, access will also be denied to festivals, fairs, congresses, amusement parks, social, cultural and recreational centers. E pure a bingo halls, betting halls, gaming rooms and casinos, even if only indoors.

Limits also to the sport. If it will be possible to practice outdoor sports of any kind, both individual and team, as well as contact, the same thing does not apply to indoor sports. No entry without green pass, therefore, in indoor gyms and swimming pools, but also in wellness centers.

Finally, not being certified will prevent people from participating in as well public competitions, so far suspended for security reasons. These will start again, but only for those who show the green pass at the entrance.

Transport, outdoor places and supermarkets: where you can continue to enter even without certification
There are indoor places and potential gathering places where, however, it will be possible to continue to access even without the green pass. This is the case, for example, of the public transport, even on long distances. The government’s idea seems to be to limit access to vehicles as well, but the decision was still postponed to September, if not October, when the problem of back to school of the boys and at work.

Excluding all those too activities deemed essential. Then you can continue to access the supermarkets, to the shopping centers, in commercial establishments excluding those affected by the restriction, in addition to some outdoor activities: therefore ok for bars, restaurants and pubs not indoors, as well as for swimming pools and gyms.

How to get the green pass
The green pass will be issued to all those who will undergo the vaccination against Covid with one of the serums recognized by the Medicines Agency (Aifa), to those who are healed from Covid and to the people who will be able to exhibit the result of a negative buffer in the previous 48 hours.

Finally, there are several ways to download your green pass. It is possible to obtain it first of all from the government website, by entering the code and the number of health insurance card or what Spid. In this way, it will be possible to access your health record and download the vaccination pass. Operation similar to the one that can be performed with theImmune app. Or, for those who have downloaded theapp IO, the document will automatically appear among those available. Furthermore, after vaccination, the ministry will automatically send a sms or one mail with a code that can be used to download it. Among the other codes that can be entered, again to obtain certification with the health card, there are the With a (Unique national code of the molecular swab), the Nrfe (Electronic report number of the antigenic swab) and the Nucg (Unique number of the certification of healing).

The alternative to get it without Spid, use the Immuni site or app is to go to the GP, pediatrician or pharmacist who, by logging in with their credentials, will be able to retrieve the Green Pass. Just give them a health card and tax code.

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