Puglia, the councilors “restore” the end-of-term check: all in favor, even the 5 stars

Puglia, the councilors “restore” the end-of-term check: all in favor, even the 5 stars
Puglia, the councilors “restore” the end-of-term check: all in favor, even the 5 stars

Come back and it will be retroactive: l’end-of-term check, abolished in 2012, it will end up in the pockets of assessors e advisers from the Puglia region. And it will have gone back in time, from 2013. It was decided on Regional Council with a amendment signed by group leaders of all parties, majority and opposition, including the Five Stars movement.

Nobody will lose anything and in the event of the death of the beneficiary, to collect will be the heirs. It is a little more than 7 thousand euros gross for each year spent in the Council. In short: 35.500 euro for each elected at the end of the legislature if it will last for its natural course. After all, the Region will have to pay almost 2 million euros for the five-year period. The blitz of August on severance pay – attempted and skipped last year – restores what was abolished during the Vendola arrived together with annuities.

The amendment that bears the signature of Philip Caracciolo (Pd), Gianfranco lopane (With), David Bellomo (Lega), Stefano Lacatena (Fi), Ignatius Zullo (FdI), Paolo Of the Grass (Mixed), Maximilian Starry (Popular) and Grace From Bari (M5S) provides that “starting from January 1, 2013, those who have held the office of regional councilor or member of the regional council are entitled to an end-of-term allowance even if they ceased from office during the legislature”. The “weight” of the indemnity “is fixed in the measure oflast month’s salary of the gross office allowance received by the director leaving office, multiplied by every year of effective exercise of the mandate “.

“For us of the M5S – says the group leader in the Region, Grazia di Bari, as reported by the Corriere del Mezzogiorno – Sara reduced as is the case with the indemnities we receive as a director. We have the utmost respect for the money of the Apulians, as the refunds that we did in the last legislature for over 600 thousand euros and which of course we are also doing in this legislature to give life to new projects ”.

Of “scandal” the councilor of the M5s speaks Antonella Laricchia, candidate against Emiliano in the last elections, that was absent at the session: “If I had been present – he says – I would have voted no and I would have reported what was happening. Already in the last legislature they had tried to reintroduce the end-of-term indemnity, but failed. This time, however, in the general silence this norm has passed ”.

“It’s not about one normal clearance, as they are trying to pass, since the money will be paid only by the Region – adds to Republic of Bari – while normally it is the ad workers set aside a monthly fee of their salary for severance pay “.

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