Back to school, compulsory green pass for teachers and Ata (not for students) from September. The government towards the final decision

Thursday will be the day of the launch of the Covid decree that will affect the school. The government is working to file the text that will first be submitted to the Regions, during the control room, and then submitted to the scrutiny of the Council of Ministers.

Based on the rumors collected by Corriere della Sera, Draghi, convinced of the priority of returning to class in attendance since September, would be willing to make the green pass not only for transport, but also for school. Teachers and Ata should, therefore, exhibit the green certification to go to class. It would not be necessary, however, for students.

The government’s goal is to start the decree as early as August 6 in conjunction with the other decree that imposes a squeeze on the green pass right from next weekend.

Whites at work with Draghi on the text

On Tuesday the Minister of Education went up to Palazzo Chigi, Patrizio Bianchi, to file the text. Without prejudice to the masks and the distancing, the government will impose the obligation of green pass for school staff as well as for doctors.

On the vaccination obligation for teachers and Ata, on the other hand, we should speak, at present, only of a recommendation. Students, on the other hand, would not be involved in the extent of the mandatory green pass, but communication campaigns for the administration of the vaccine would also be studied for adolescents..

Distance learning would be an option only in the red and orange areas (based on the outbreaks present in the various areas) and would not be applicable in the white and yellow ones.

The executive is in the final squeeze, but will have to put together the various souls that support it: the League is ready to do battle as well as the Five Star Movement.

Green Pass, mandatory from 6 August for indoor bars and restaurants

From 6 August the green pass will be required to sit at the tables of indoor bars and restaurants and access sporting events and shows, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, fairs and conferences. Sufficient one dose of vaccine, or a negative swab in the previous 48 hours or have been cured of Covid infection for no more than six months. For those in possession of the certification, the quarantine in case of contact with a positive will be shorter.

What happens if i don’t have green certification? Who checks that I have the green pass? They are the owners or managers of the services and activities for which the obligation of the green pass is introduced to verify the possession of suitable certification. In case of violation, a fine of between 400 and 1000 euros can be raised both for the operator and for the user. If the violation is repeated three times on three different days, the business could be closed for 1 to 10 days.

Green pass and vaccination obligation for teachers and Ata: on Thursday at 2 pm the Council of Ministers?

Vaccines for teachers, clash in the government between persuaders and bondholders. “Strong recommendation” hypothesis and DA in case of quarantine


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