Giunta Raggi also dismantles the Library system

Tuesday 3 August 2021 – 15:00

Rome, Pd: Giunta Raggi also dismantles the library system

“Subjugated to the Department of Culture and the Mayor”

Rome, 3 Aug. (askanews) – “The Giunta Raggi is also dismantling the system of libraries in Rome. As the flagship of the city, it is now unable to cope with all the services, even the officials hired to make up for the turnover have been sent to the municipal offices to perform tasks other than those envisaged “. The councilor of the Capitoline Pd Giulia Tempesta denounces it in a note.

The mayor, says Tempesta, “cancels the professionalism and skills at the service of the city’s cultural leaders and throws the libraries institution into chaos. One of the many reasons why the institution of libraries has lost coordination, vision and intervention capacity is due to the fact that, for many months, the institution was deprived of its autonomy and remained enslaved in an eminently executive commitment. at the service of the Department of Culture and the mayor herself “.

“It is necessary to reactivate services, improve management and put all employees in a position to be able to perform their work in the best possible way, a useful and essential service for the city of Rome”, concludes Tempesta.


Giunta Raggi dismantles Library system

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