Milan: flash mob against legal euthanasia

Yesterday afternoon, August 1st, pro-life militants in Milan exhibited a large poster outside the Vittorio Emanuale gallery with the words “NO LEGAL EUTHANASY, NO LEGAL MURDER. WHO KILLS A PERSON IS A MURDERER EVEN IF THE OTHER ASKS HIM “. A clear message against the “sweet death” procured, which, according to the promoters of the initiative, is only a form of legalized murder. “I am a doctor and I have signed the Hippocratic Oath, said one of the participants in the initiative. I could never ever give death to someone like me, not even if they ask me, or if a health facility orders me to do so. The legalization of euthanasia is only the legalization of a crime and must never, ever be approved in a civilized country ”. “The maneuvers to approve euthanasia, said Angelo Mandelli, one of the promoters of the flash mob, appear particularly striking today in a context in which, due to a pandemic, all possible and imaginable measures are being imposed to defend human lives. especially the weakest and most fragile “.

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