Green pass, definitive guide ahead of August 6: how to find the code – Chronicle

Green pass, definitive guide ahead of August 6: how to find the code – Chronicle
Green pass, definitive guide ahead of August 6: how to find the code – Chronicle

Florence, 2 August 2021 – The time x starts from midnight on Friday 6 August: from that moment on who wants to have a social life, who will want to attend a number of public places, must necessarily have the green pass. The green certificate is the pass to pass anti-covid regulations and being able to enter indoor gyms and restaurants for example. A certification these days is not free from controversy, but rather the subject of demonstrations throughout Italy by those who see this government measure as a limitation of freedom. The green pass is issued by the Ministry of Health and not by the individual regions.

First of all, those who are vaccinated can obtain the green pass. Those who have completed both cycles will have a green pass valid for nine months (or 270 days if you want) from the date of the last administration. Can get he green pass even those who have had the first dose of the vaccine. In this case the green pass will be valid until upon administration of the next dose. Even those who make a molecular swab with a negative result can obtain the green pass: in this case the green pass will have a validity of 48 hours. Finally, those who have recovered from the covid will also get the green pass.

Watch out for fake green passes: here’s how to recognize them

At the base of everything there is a code of letters and numbers, called Authcode, which arrives via text message or email about 48 hours after the first dose of vaccine has been made. The email comes from the following address: [email protected] The code must be entered on a specific page, this one, using the health card, of which the last eight digits must be indicated. If you do not have a health card because you are not registered with the national health service, indicate the type of document used at the time of vaccination. The certification arrives directly on the IO App to all those who have registered with Spid or Cie, the two types of digital identity. To download the green pass you can also use the Immuni app (this is the address).

It may happen that the Authcode does not arrive. In this case the code can be retrieved by filling in the fields of this page where, among other things, the last eight digits of the health card must be entered. At that point, having recovered the Authcode, just go on the appropriate page to download the green pass by filling in the required fields.

For all information there is a toll-free number: 800.91.24.91. It is active every day from 8 to 20 and provides all information on green certification. The single number 1500 is also active, even here the operators will provide the info and answer questions.

There is not only the Authcode: there are also other codes to be able to download he green pass. If you make a molecular swab, which must be negative, the code to be entered is the Cun code, found on the swab report. The Nrfe code is instead that of the antigenic swab. Finally, there is the Nucg, the unique number of the healing certification. The Nucg is obtained through the attending physician, who enters the patient’s recovery data into the central system.

The green pass will be used for lunch or dinner in indoor restaurants and for attending gyms. The certificate will also be mandatory for outdoor performances, spas, swimming pools, fairs, congresses and competitions. It will not be used for churches and places of worship where religious rites are officiated. However, the observance of the rules already in force remains firm (masks, distance between the desks, communion only in the hand, no exchange of peace with a handshake, empty stoups). The green pass will also be mandatory to enter the stadium, where the capacity will be 30% of the total capacity. The discos for the moment they will remain closed. Still uncertain whether the green pass will be used on public transport and in workplaces. The Council of Ministers has yet to decide on this. However, the green pass will not be used to go to the beaches.

But who is the authorized staff to check the green pass? The Government points this out: first of all the police and public officials. They are the first to be able to check if a person has the green pass with them in the places where it is needed. Airline personnel, shipping company personnel and transport personnel in general may also request it. In public places, where parties are held, managers or staff assigned to the public can ask for the green pass. The restaurateurs are under no obligation to check it.

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