Stadio Roma, Michetti: “Gazometro or Mercati Generali an option. Public interest can be released in 100 days”

Stadio Roma, Michetti: “Gazometro or Mercati Generali an option. Public interest can be released in 100 days”
Stadio Roma, Michetti: “Gazometro or Mercati Generali an option. Public interest can be released in 100 days”

ROME MICHETTI STADIUM – Tor di Valle is definitely behind us, and the Roma he will have to turn the page and find another place to build the stadium. Enrico Michetti spoke to the microphones of Radio Radio, where he spoke about the Giallorossi system and the situation linked to the project. These are his words:

Michetti’s words

What are the right areas for building?
The areas could be multiple. The area of ​​the Gazometro and general markets could be listed, also because a little bit it is there that Roma was born, the Testaccino cheering.

What would the process be?
First of all the idea, which the proposer must present to the local authority. The proponent is the one who presents two essential documents: the preliminary, which is a kind of project in which the idea is represented between the preliminary and the definitive. Then a document of the company’s economic feasibility. Then the project needs a preliminary conference. All the actors of the public administration who have a role in that area must intervene to give their assent, they must give their assent. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, the Superintendency if there are any constraints … The preliminary investigation must say if the project is feasible, the outcome of the investigation passes to the municipal council for the public interest. If that work already has its own specific area and if logically everything around it can be adapted to the construction of the structure and then if it is adequate. The Gazometro is considered a sort of industrial archeology plant, a sort of monument, and is a reference in the urban context and visibility must be guaranteed. In 100 days we could release the public interest. An administration could release the public interest in 100 days. A 45,000-seat stadium can also provide 3-4,000 jobs. If these solutions impact on mobility, redevelop an area and impact on work, they should be encouraged in the shortest possible time “.

What is the mistake not to repeat after Tor di Valle?
When there is contracted town planning, the project must never be reviewed. Contracted urban planning, once the public interest has been obtained, should no longer be touched ”.

And what happens after the public interest?
“The project begins to refine. Then a second conference of decision-making services opens, which decides from a technical point of view. In the final report all the considerations of the bodies concerned arrive. This second conference can last 90 days and then any other 90 days. In six months we could reasonably have a record that says the work is approvable. Then it’s back to the City Council for public utility. At the end of 2022, Rome could lay the first stone ”.


Stadio Roma Michetti Gazometro Mercati Generali option Public interest released days

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