the Italian Cup fades to penalties

the Italian Cup fades to penalties
the Italian Cup fades to penalties

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02 August 2021 11:11

Very close to the dream, enough to caress and cradle him before the rude awakening at the end of the cruel ritual of penalty kicks. But, apart from the result, we can say that the race held yesterday on the sand of Mugnano (Naples) has rightfully entered the history of Pisa Beach Soccer. The Nerazzurri coached by Nico Lami fought on an equal footing against the battleship Catania in the final of the Italian Cup, yielding only to penalties after having imposed a 3-3 on the rossazzurri in extra time.

Pisa BS played a very high level tournament in Campania, which started with 7-0 trimmed to Romagna in the round of 16, passed by 3-1 at Viareggio in the quarters and culinato in the extraordinary victory against Terracina in the semifinals. A 6-3 that confirmed the depth of the squad available to coach Lami. In the final, against the highly rated opponents of Catania, Pisa BS played openly, without awe.

Gori, bomber of the Italian national team and Catania striker, opened the game in the first half: Datinha’s equalizer for Pisa in the second half, but closed at 3-1 by Catania with the paws of Gori and Be Martins. In the third fraction the amazing reaction of the Nerazzurri: first Di Palma and then Datinha set the score on the 3-3 at the end of regular time. In extra time the Pisa BS resists the attacks of the opponents, paying duty with the expulsions of Datinha and Barsotti, but managing to bring the confrontation to the penalties. Here the mistakes of Ortolini and Camillo Augusto were fatal, to which Catania responded with two realizations, thus winning the trophy.

Disappointment, but also the awareness of having taken a high step towards the top, within the Nerazzurri group. President Alessandro Donati summarizes all the emotions of the adventure in the Italian Cup: “Proud to be president of this club and this team. The tears for this lost final will have to give us the strength to restart and turn them into tears of joy. As soon as possible. it deserves we all deserve it “. Now the appointment is for final eight of the national title, to which Pisa managed to qualify.

Photo source: Facebook profile of Pisa Beach Soccer


Italian Cup fades penalties

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