here is where it will be mandatory (school, trains, planes, offices)

here is where it will be mandatory (school, trains, planes, offices)
here is where it will be mandatory (school, trains, planes, offices)

For the Green pass, the week that has just begun is a decisive week. Not only because from Friday, August 6, the decree that extends its use to a good portion of Italian commercial activities will come into force, but above all because the government will also clarify the points that remain open. The nodes to be solved are mainly school and transport. In the background, in reality, there would also be work, with the opening of the government to vaccinations of public employees and trade unions made by the CGIL leader Maurizio Landini, in fact, we have returned to talk about the Green pass in the company but what transpires from Palazzo Chigi for the moment the dossier should not be on the table of the Council of Ministers.

Green pass, mandatory prophylaxis for teachers in late regions. Qr code for trains and airplanes

But let’s go in order. The control room will be called as early as tomorrow or Wednesday who will be responsible for defining at a technical level how it can be managed the return to class in the presence “No ifs and buts” announced by the Minister of Education Bianchi and even if 80% capacity on board the means of transport required by the Regions to support the return to the classroom is an acceptable compromise. With defined technical parameters, and having heard the governors and local authorities in the unified conference of the Regions that should take place on Thursday, the ball will reach the CDM. A meeting that promises to be particularly difficult. In fact, on the school front, the fate of the 220,000 ATA teachers and staff who are currently not immunized must be outlined. The number is already being recalculated by the structure of the Commissioner for Emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo (for the Regions they are much less) but if they were to be confirmed, it is difficult for them to avoid vaccination. Among the hypotheses on the table is that of establishing a minimum threshold, for example 90-95 percent (in many territories it has already been reached), below which it becomes mandatory. An imposition that could also be phased, with first a recommendation, then the transfer (in a province where there are more teachers vaccinated) and then the suspension. All still to be defined in any case. The discussion is still open.

Different speech regarding the means of transport. If trams, buses and metro are not currently affected by the obligation of the Green pass, certification is now almost certain to become mandatory for long journeys. That is, it will be necessary to board trains, planes and ships. Here too, however, the times are still to be defined. A part of the majority is pushing for the measure, although adopted in the upcoming CDM, to come into force only at the end of August in order to try to avoid a further impact on tourist activities. On the other hand, the more prudent components of the government prefer to wait until the last moment for the new contagion data. With the positivity rising at the current rate and also the first upward changes in hospital bed occupancy rates, the introduction of the Green Pass for planes, trains and ships could be the right tool to avoid the scenes already seen. last year when the infections rose sharply after returning from vacation.

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