Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy
Covid, vaccines and infections: the point in Brescia and in Italy

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Numbers in slight decline for what concern Covid contagion in Lombardy. According to data from the Ministry of Health, the new positives are 522 (-255) even in the face of a decrease in the number of swabs processed, 29.726. With a positivity rate dropping to 1.75%.

There have been no new deaths since yesterday (+4 yesterday). The total number of victims in Lombardy since the beginning of the pandemic remains at 33,827.

The healed are 210, the currently positive ones instead increased by 312 units reaching the number of 11,174. Slight growth, on the hospital front, of admissions to ordinary wards (+2) with a total number of 208; a slight increase also for intensive care to 27 (+2) with 2 new entries. There are 10,939 people in home isolation.

There are 183 new cases of Covid-19 in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan, of which 85 in the capital city. The provinces of Bergamo follow (+56), Brescia (+54) and Monza and Brianza (+51). In the province of Mantua there are 32 new infections, in that of Como 23, in Varese 20 and in Cremona 19. Minor increases in the provinces of Pavia (+10), Sondrio (+7) and Lecco (+6).

Vaccines in the Brescia area

therefore prices fly vaccines anti-Covid from Pfizer and Modern in the last supply contracts with the European Union. This was reported by the Financial Times which has examined excerpts of the contracts: the new price for Pfzier is 19.50 euros against the 15.50 of the previous supply. Moderna instead rises to $ 25.50 per dose, above the $ 22.60 of the previous agreement. The agreements, signed this year for a total of up to 2.1 billion doses by 2023, have been renegotiated – writes the FT – after the phase 3 tests.

The infections in Italy

I’m 5,321 the positives ai test Covid identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 6,513. There are 167,761 swabs molecular and antigenic for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours. Yesterday there were 264,860.
The positivity rate is 3.17%, a sharp increase compared to 2.4% yesterday.

I’m 230 patients admitted to intensive care with Covid in Italy, 16 more than yesterday in the balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 22. The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 1,954, 103 more than yesterday.
I’m 5 victims in one day (yesterday there were 16).

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