Jacobs, Tamberi and that happy embrace that unites Italy

Jacobs, Tamberi and that happy embrace that unites Italy
Jacobs, Tamberi and that happy embrace that unites Italy

Let’s try. Let’s make an effort. We must mark it well in our memory this Sunday, August 1st 2021. We must mark it well. So that when we are depressed or in a bad mood, when everything seems to be rowing against us, we can turn the light back on in an instant and be happy.

Simply happy, with no contraindications, discussions or behavioral qualms. Happy like Gimbo Tamberi, who after having touched heaven in the high jump, when he realizes that Marcell Jacobs also went faster than the wind in the final of the hundred meters, embraces him as one does with a brother who has returned from a long journey and he had been given up for lost. He kisses him, hugs him, wraps him in the Italian flag. It is pure joy, shared happiness, the ultimate meaning of the Great Beauty of sport. Which in some very rare cases, like on this Olympic day, succeeds in the miracle of bringing everything together behind the wonder of a jump that flies towards the sky of Tokyo and a race that is consumed in a flash, in the space of 9 “and 80 cents. .


You don’t have time to hear the shot that you are already one step away from the finish line. A flash in which, however, everyone understands that this guy born in Texas but raised on Lake Garda, has left behind the sacred monsters of speed. A sensational event because Italy, at the Olympics, not only had never won a gold medal in the hundred meters, but had not even participated in a final in the specialty of the great American or Jamaican stars.

Jacobs, it seems a miracle, arrives at this milestone after the three times of Usain Bolt: and this reference would be enough to close any discussion. But there will be time to make comparisons and draw up tables. And understand who really is the greatest. What they like, which chains the heart of this extraordinary Olympic gold brace, consumed in half an hour, is its absolute authenticity. The overwhelming force with which he hit us in our numb Sunday sofas.

Let’s face it: the blue one, up to this double magic, seemed like a good expedition, with many good athletes, but not very good, strong, but not very strong. There was so much Olympic spirit, so much good sowing of a nation that, despite a year and a half of pandemic, had managed to bring its best youth to Tokyo. There was all this, all right, but the big business was missing. And instead, after so much suffering, after so many golds lost by a whisker, a resounding bang arrived that made us all jump as even for the European Championship.

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