“The level of violence against the police has risen” – Corriere.it

“The level of violence against the police has risen” – Corriere.it
“The level of violence against the police has risen” – Corriere.it

«The level of the violence against law enforcement used in the defense of high-speed construction sites ». So, in a note, Enzo Letizia, national secretary of the National Association of Police Officers, for the attacks yesterday 31 July to High Speed ​​construction sites. “Yesterday a Lynx’s cockpit was badly damaged by a rocket, not a firework, and two policemen were injured – he adds -. In this period we observe a repeated and continuous violence of the insurrectionalist anarchist world that uses the Val di Susa as a training ground for their guerrilla actions. At this point, it is necessary to acknowledge that the violent are not only infiltrators of the No Tav movement, but a characteristic feature of it. It is necessary for politics to distance itself without hypocrisy, Val di Susa is turning into a cradle for the violent, the presence of the latter in the movement is not just a question of the police but a political problem, in particular of those parties that see their local representatives take part in the initiatives of the No Tav movement ».

“Yet another policeman injured by the no-tav demonstrations: this story must end immediately.” So in a note Domenico Pianese, general secretary of the Coisp police union. «The situation in Val di Susa is degenerating and could have dramatic implications in the short term. In Chiaromonte, in fact, the no-tav procession attacked the high-speed site with a pre-organized guerrilla action through rocket launchers, paper bombs and even artisanal bazookas designed to launch incendiary devices against the police forces. In fact, a colleague of ours has sustained serious injuries to his legs », he continues. “This anarcho-subversive movement must be stopped immediately: the continuous search for new tools to attack the police, with the clear intention of killing or seriously injuring the agents, cannot and must not be faced with superficiality or inattention by the government and the judiciary. We ask Minister Lamorgese to intervene as soon as possible to annihilate this terrorist organization. The agents responsible for monitoring the site are exhausted, especially of having to count the injured, and are disappointed because the institutions seem not to be interested in resolving the question: what are we waiting for, for the dead to escape? », He concludes.

“I express my closeness and solidarity to the two agents who were injured in the clashes last night near the Chiomonte construction site”, said the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, thanking all the men and women of the Forces of law and order and the Army committed every day to protect security and public order in Val di Susa. “Episodes of very serious violence that endanger the safety of police officers and that have nothing to do with the right to demonstrate freely are absolutely unacceptable,” added the owner of the Interior Ministry.

«More violence and attacks against the police and the military, with some injured policemen to whom I wish a speedy recovery. Smoke bombs, paper bombs and stone throwing by the No Tav against men of the state: these actions are unworthy and unacceptable in a civilized country ». He states it the undersecretary of the interior, Nicola Molteni. «I heard the Police Chief of Turin – continues Molteni – to whom I expressed my solidarity and closeness to our men and women in uniform. The safety of the country remains a priority as a priority remains the commitment to ensure investments in the personnel of the police, in the equipment and in regulations to protect those who wear a uniform ».

«Those who respect their land do not put it to fire and sword. Those who respect democracy do not trample on the right to express their ideas, to demonstrate, transforming it into guerrilla warfare. Those who respect their country do not throw stones at those who dedicate their lives to it every day wearing a uniform. And if anyone thinks of calling this “freedom” they are very wrong ». The comment of the president of the Piedmont Region, Alberto Cirio, to the clashes between No Tav and the police. “The scenes seen yesterday are called in one way only: delinquency. And Piedmont does not recognize itself in all this », he concluded.

«Demonstrating, protesting, contesting, are always legitimate actions and must be protected in a democracy. Violence, on the other hand, no, it cannot and must not find space ». Also the mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino condemns the violence of the No Tav. “I express firm condemnation for the violent attacks on the police that took place in Val Susa,” adds the first citizen.

“The right to express one’s dissent cannot lead to violence.” He writes it on Twitter the center-left candidate for mayor of Turin, Stefano Lo Russo. «In Val di Susa – he continues – we are witnessing an unacceptable protest mode. Full solidarity with the police injured in the clashes ».

«I will always fight so that those who have different ideas from mine can express their opinion. But everything must take place with respect for others and without violence. Three officers injured during the No Tav protests are unacceptable. It is a slap in the face of the state. I am in favor of the Tav, I believe that it will be a fundamental tool for the development of Turin, but I will never prevent those who oppose it from expressing themselves. However, I strongly say no to all forms of violence and I will always be alongside the police because their work is essential for the country. Enough violence in the Valley, it is time for all politics to say it clearly ». So in a post on Facebook Paolo Damilano, candidate for the Turin administrative center for the center-right, commenting on yesterday’s clashes in Val di Susa.

It was not long in coming the claim of the No Tav. «10,000 agents are not enough to stop the No Tav. The cry No Tav has once again broken the silence in Val di Susa. In spite of uncertain weather, 7,000 people put on their shoes and boots to leave the tents of the High Happiness Weekend for the construction site of the new Turin-Lyon ». So on social media, after yesterday’s attack on the construction site. «We leave this day surprised once more by the capacity of the No Tav movement to involve many different generations starting from different needs and requirements that meet in a common gaze on the world. In confirmation of this we have seen a march crossed by many young people who find in the No Tav a field of practical struggle against those responsible for the climate crisis and in the Festival a moment to weave relationships and relationships in a context devoid of the logic of consumption and exploitation. While institutional politics ages on its parliamentary benches, in Val Susa, generation after generation, the fight against the great useless and ecocidal work is renewed and conquers new hopes and motivations “, they write in a long post on the web.

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