Francesca Barbara Mirarchi, the 19-year-old athlete who died after a fall in the mountains

Francesca Barbara Mirarchi, the 19-year-old athlete who died after a fall in the mountains
Francesca Barbara Mirarchi, the 19-year-old athlete who died after a fall in the mountains

A trip with friends that turns into tragedy. In the early hours of the morning of Thursday 29 July, 19-year-old Francesca Barbara Mirarchi, from Lissone, lost her life near the Gemelli lakes, in the Orobie Prealps, in the Branzi (Bergamo) area. The young woman, after spending the night in a tent, woke up and went away to photograph the sunrise in that wonderful setting, in the mountains.

The disappearance and the alarm

But she never came back. Around nine, friends raised the alarm. As reported by MilanoToday, the financial police tried to locate the (switched off) phone as accurately as possible, while the mountain rescue teams moved far and wide and the firefighters brought their molecular dogs to the scene.

A mobilization which, unfortunately, gave the most feared outcome. The girl was found around four in the afternoon lifeless, at the bottom of a gully. It had fallen, probably thanks to the darkness before dawn. The news immediately rebounded in Brianza and also in Cinisello Balsamo, where Francesca had recently started an internship in the Municipality linked to the civil service and where the family – linked to the Cba sports club – is quite well known. The girl’s funeral will be celebrated in Lissone on Monday 2 August.

Mourning in Cinisello and in the world of Italian athletics

“Cinisello Balsamo mourns the death of Francesca Barbara Mirarchi”, we read in a memoir written by the Municipality of Cinisello on Facebook: “The young woman, 19, daughter of the president of the Cba sports club, lost her life after falling from a jump of rock, in the Upper Brembana Valley. A tragedy that pains and upsets. Francesca had started an internship in the Municipality in the Sports Sector a few months ago. The municipal administration expresses condolences and closeness to the family “.

And Giacomo Ghilardi, mayor of Cinisello, added on his Facebook page: “I am close to the family, also for the friendship that binds me to my father Beppe, president of the Cba sports club. A tragedy on which there are no words”.

The girl was a promising young athletics: among other things in 2018, with the Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946 uniform, she had participated in the tricolor student review on 400 obstacles. “A tragic news hit the world of athletics. Francesca Mirarchi, 19, passed away on Friday 30 July due to an accident in the mountains at the Twin Lakes, in the Upper Brembana Valley. She was a member of the Cba Cinisello Balsamo and daughter of Giuseppe Mirarchi, president of the club and well-known figure in the Milanese and Brianza athletics. The family, in this moment of pain, goes the ideal embrace of the president Fidal Stefano Mei, of the Federal Council and of all Italian athletics “, the message published on the website of the Italian Athletics Federation.

The emotion of his former team

The memory of Atletica Riccardi is moved: “Unfortunately, a news that leaves you breathless: Francesca Mirarchi, athlete in the green jersey from 2017 to 2020, passed away yesterday at just 19 years old in a mountain accident at the Twin Lakes, in the Upper Brembana Valley. Francesca (Giacomo’s sister, with the Riccardi Italian champion Promesse 2020 in the 4×400) with our colors won the regional Allieve title of the 4×400 relay in 2018 and disputed the Italian Championships of the category in the same year on the 400m hurdles, reaching personal from 1 ‘ 01 ”62 on the 400 floors and 1’08” 22 between the barriers. The president Sergio Tammaro and the whole Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946 send a big hug to Giuseppe Mirarchi, friend of Riccardi and reference for the Cba Cinisello Balsamo linked for years by a beautiful collaboration with our company, and all his family at this time of infinite pain “.

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