Covid, mandatory mask in Campania also in August. And at the airport tests for those arriving from abroad

Covid, mandatory mask in Campania also in August. And at the airport tests for those arriving from abroad
Covid, mandatory mask in Campania also in August. And at the airport tests for those arriving from abroad

noon, 1 August 2021 – 09:01

New ordinance of the Region, also forbidden to take away alcohol after 10pm. Quarantine for the British, the wrath of tour operators

from Patrizio Mannu

Capodichino Airport in Naples

The Campania Region has extended a series of provisions for the fight against Covid 19 from today and until 31 August. The order signed by Governor De Luc extends the expiring measures relating to shows and controls at Capodichino airport. Among the measures envisaged, the ban from 10 pm to 6 am on the sale with take-away of alcoholic beverages, of any strength, by any commercial establishment (including bars, kiosks, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, wineries, supermarkets) and with vending machines and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is also prohibited in public areas and open to the public, including spaces in front of shops, squares, villas and municipal parks. The sale of alcoholic beverages of any strength, which is only allowed at the counter or tables, is also prohibited in bars, small bars, wine bars, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, kiosks and itinerant administration establishments as well as other catering establishments. In any case, crowding or gatherings for the consumption of any food in public places or open to the public are prohibited. In the order recommended to the Municipalities and other competent Authorities to intensify the supervision and controls on compliance with the prohibition of gatherings, in particular in the areas and times of the so-called nightlife.

Events and concerts

The obligation to use respiratory protection devices, even outdoors, remains valid until 31 August, in any situation in which interpersonal distancing cannot be guaranteed or when gatherings or crowds occur. The use of masks remains mandatory, on the regional territory, in every non-isolated place – for example in urban centers, in squares, on the promenades during crowded hours and situations – as well as in lines, queues, markets or fairs and other events, also outdoors, as well as in open-air public transport contexts such as ferries, boats, ships. The performance in Campania of shows, concerts and public events open to the public subject to the adoption, by the authorities, of the measures and specific prescriptions, to be individualized on the basis of the concrete characteristics of the places and individual events, suitable for avoiding gatherings and other health risk situations also in the areas adjacent to the place of performance and to ensure the relative controls. For all passengers arriving at Naples airport through direct or transit flights from countries for which the Minister of Health does not provide for the obligation of fiduciary isolation upon arrival, to undergo checks, even on a sample basis. but there is also a 5-day quarantine for the British arriving in Campania.

Protest traders

The voice of Confesercenti is not long in coming, from the mouth of its president Vincenzo Schiavo. We are witnessing – he says – a tightening of the rules that slows the development of the economy of the activities of our region. For some time we have been subject to the obligations of the Green pass, to all types of limitations and restrictions that are legitimate to curb the pandemic but which always and in particular oppress commercial activities. At this moment the heaviness experienced by entrepreneurs is excessive. We understand the need to curb the contagion but not all the consequences must weigh on the shoulders of entrepreneurs. We count and hope that the police will check the use of the mask and avoid gatherings. Fining those who do not respect the rules but safeguarding entrepreneurs and the world of the economy, whose activity is fundamental for the present of hundreds of thousands of families and for the future of our children. Furthermore, on the next obligation of the Green pass, Schiavo argues that Confesercenti, once again, says yes to the rules, as long as the Green Pass serves to never close businesses again. But the burden of controls must not fall on the entrepreneurs. To each their own role. Supervision of Green Passes cannot be the responsibility of those who do business trying to make ends meet. A compromise must be found immediately that facilitates the economy rather than complicates it.

My tourism

The five-day quarantine, with the obligation of a final buffer for the British who have chosen Campania, is causing the entire system of reservations already made to collapse with enormous inconvenience for those who have purchased the holiday and are ready to leave in these hours. what is observed in a note from Fiavet Campania (regional federation of travel agents and tour operators) which raised the alarm in the aftermath of the ordinance that imposes the obligation of quarantine for the British who go on holiday to Italy. From Fiavet Campania comes a heartfelt appeal to the Minister of Tourism to avert yet another emergency that is added to the suggestions of recent days that have discouraged the holidays of Italians abroad, warning about the costs of forced stay and insurance in case of contacts with positive . There is a risk – underlines the note – of canceling more than 80 percent of the trips scheduled in the Sorrento Peninsula and in other favorite destinations of the Anglo-Saxon market and it will be a real catastrophe if, in the next few hours, no changes to this provision are adopted. which definitively brings travel agencies and tour operators in Campania to their knees. For Fiavet, moreover, there is a risk of adding the further damage of moving last-minute bookings to other competing countries such as Spain, Greece, Croatia and Turkey which do not provide for mandatory quarantine.

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