Space Jacobs! Italy in the 100 meters final at the Olympics with the new European record

Marcell Jacobs makes history and for the first time Italy is in the 100 meters final at the Olympics. The American-born sprinter finished his semifinal in third place, with a sensational time of 9.84. This is the new European record. Jacobs makes it to the final with medal ambitions.

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To write history are enough 9.84 seconds. It’s the sci-fi time with which Marcell Jacobs became the first Italian athlete to gain access to the 100-meter final in the history of the Olympics. The new European record, recorded in the most competitive semifinal of the three, won by the Chinese Su with 9.83, a few cents ahead of the American Baker. And then, third, our Jacobs, who confirmed himself among the best sprinters in the world. So on the ball to reach the final not only to enjoy the moment, but with ambitions to be among the protagonists. Nothing to do instead for Filippo Tortu, seventh classified in the second semifinal, with a worse time than the one that had earned him the qualification yesterday.

Marcell Jacobs in 9.84: new European record in the 100 meters

The proof of Marcell Jacobs went far beyond the profound meaning of an appointment with history. Her 100m semi-final was a real show of strength, for the way she was born and ended. The shot from the blocks was not the best of occasions, on the contrary: Jacobs was perhaps the worst of his semifinal at the start.

The greatness of his performance and the final time lies in the incredible recovery that allowed him to close in third place, with the new European record (snatched from the French Vicaut who had stopped the clock at 9.86) and touching the 42.8km / h as top speed. The feeling, in short, is that Jacobs still has potential to express compared to what he showed in the semifinals. A margin on which to build sparkling dreams.

The final of the 100 meters with Jacobs at 14:50

Numbers and images propel him towards an Olympic 100-meter final – starting at 2:50 pm, Italian time – not as a simple extra. Jacobs arrives with the third fastest time among the eight qualified and the credentials to be able to play for a medal. Or how to make history within history. An undertaking that can be within the reach of Marcell Jacobs, the man of history for Italian athletics.


Space Jacobs Italy meters final Olympics European record

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