The former Atac depot in Piazza Ragusa at Amazon

The former Atac depot in Piazza Ragusa at Amazon
The former Atac depot in Piazza Ragusa at Amazon

L’former Atac depot in Piazza Ragusa if it is awarded Amazon. The old remittance, which is one of the properties that the company must dispose of to comply with the recovery plan imposed with the arrangement with creditors, was auctioned and would have been the global e-commerce giant. 10.5 million euros, so he reports The Republic, for the former bus depot.

The former depot of Piazza Ragusa to Amazon

An empty and abandoned building since 2006 on which voices and proposals have chased each other over the years: from the new residential destination to a space for culture and study, as part of the neighborhood wanted. The interest of the Municipality is also on the former Atac depot in Piazza Ragusa. On November 30, the Mayor Raggi had put in black and white, with a memo of the council, the intention to take over the Tuscolana garage, the former depot in Piazza Bainsizza and the parking lot in Via Acilia, “as functional to the achievement of the objectives provided for in the SUMP (Urban plan for sustainable mobility ed). In February, the funds necessary to cover the operation were also identified, through a maxi amendment to the Budget, approved in the Giulio Cesare Hall. In the end, however, Piazza Ragusa would have been awarded to Amazon.

The Atac remittance to Amazon: disappointment to Appio

Disappointment at Appio. “For months we have carried out a collection of signatures with dozens of girls and boys to forcefully ask that the property be redeveloped and transformed into a socio-cultural space for citizens, in a study room open 24 hours a day or in a co -working. Another missed opportunity. Another disappointment ” – they comment Luca Di Egidio, candidate for president with Calenda mayor in VII, and Manfredi Mumolo, coordinator of Italia Viva in the Town Hall, promoters of the petition on the remittance of Piazza Ragusa. “How is it possible that the Rays and the 5-star administration have once again left the citizens empty-handed? It is a shame that is even more anger when thinking back to the enthusiasm with which thousands of residents had signed up for our signature collection. We had dreamed of a different city, a neighborhood that was restarting. La Raggi has trampled on this dream again. Bad ending of bad administration. Now we really need to change our approach, now we need to change things seriously “.

The aims of Amazon on the deposits of Prati and San Paolo

The deposits in Piazza Bainsizza in Prati and San Paolo are also in the sights of Amazon. “All this is paradoxical” – the FdI group leader in the Capitol is critical, Andrea De Direct. “On the one hand, Roma Capitale had insisted on them among its proposals for the PNRR as possible deposits for electric vehicles but at the same time they were auctioned and it is today’s news that Piazza Ragusa has been assigned to the giant Amazon, the only one to present an offer and that the same should soon happen for the other two deposits “. The question in the Capitol is ready “to find out if there is damage to the tax authorities by awarding a public good at a price lower than the market price, it would seem 11 million compared to previous valuations ranging between 14 and 20”.

“To the evident and net economic loss to the detriment of the citizens of Rome, however, is added the even more worrying practice of selling parts of the city to private individuals that has become a model of land management by an administration willing to solve accounting problems with reverse auctions and unable to have a long look at the city ” – add the president of POP Idee in Movimento and group leader of the Zingaretti Civic List to the Lazio Regional Council, Marta Bonafoni, and the POP coordinator of the Town Hall VII, Emiliano Cofano.

The former remittance of Piazza Ragusa “is bound”: question to Minister Franceschini

Per Maurizio Gasparri, senator of Forza Italia, the “sale” of the remittance of the Atac to Amazon would be “Yet another offense against the capital of Italy; an offense against Italian companies that are struggling in the crisis and see important parts of the city taken away from international giants at bargain prices. We want to know the truth, immediately, without further hesitation and meline “. A question was also presented to the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Dario Franceschini, why “The property, as far as we know, should be subject to a constraint of historical and artistic interest” – specifies the vice president of the Chamber, Fabio Rampelli. “Amazon participated alone in an auction called by the Atac and grabbed it with just 10 million 500 thousand euros or 656 euros per square meter. Stuff to feel bad”. The exponent of FdI then focuses attention on the impact that an Amazon sorting center would have on the context: “It would be the first time that the e-commerce giant is allowed to enter the historic city with a logistics platform. It is obviously incompatible with the constraints and the vocation of the historic city, which does not foresee inanimate logistic hubs within it. The operation must be stopped by the superintendencies, by the minister Franceschini and by the mayor in office, with appropriate safeguards. And at the same time, similar transformations underlined by the US magnate, unsatisfactory to the point of aspiring to the urban upheaval of Rome, must be blocked “.

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