Mini red zones and new narrow ones: the moves of the Regions to avoid the yellow zone

Mini red zones and new narrow ones: the moves of the Regions to avoid the yellow zone
Mini red zones and new narrow ones: the moves of the Regions to avoid the yellow zone

How to save August of the Italians from the nightmare of Covid contagion? While the cases of positivity continue to increase – albeit at a slower pace in the last few days than the exponential growth recorded at the turn of the week ending and the previous one – the concern focuses above all on the possibility of a massive spread of the infection in holiday resorts, in particular those of the sea, favored by gatherings and the natural tendency to loosen the reins of prudence during the holidays.

Moreover, the ISS, in its latest report, has already illustrated how the average age of infected people has dropped significantly, reaching 34.5 years. And he blamed the increase in cases in some regions on celebrations for Europeans. Now, however, the lens is focused on holiday destinations. With a “plan” that aims at a mix of interventions, with the possibility of mini red zones and restrictions located in the territories of the tourist regions, hoping that the vaccination campaign will continue effectively even in the month in which a high number of Italians leave the cities and the countries of residence to move elsewhere.

Color change in sight?

Italy at the moment remains in the white zone, but the spotlight is on – on the front of a possible passage in yellow – on the central and southern regions. To risk the yellow, if they were to exceed the threshold of 10% of occupancy of beds in intensive care and 15% in ordinary wards, are in particular Sicily (already 8% for ordinary and 4.7% intensive hospitalizations), Lazio (3.7% in the intensive) e Sardinia (4.2% intensive). These numbers are also likely to approach other regions with a tourist vocation that will welcome thousands of vacationers this month, such as the Puglia.

The pressure on hospitals is the parameter to be monitored more carefully. According to the latest bulletin, in all of Italy there are 214 patients hospitalized in intensive care for Covid, 13 more in the last 24 hours in the balance between entries and exits, with 25 daily entries. The hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 1,851, 39 more than the previous day.

The interventions of the regions

In areas at risk they are studied punctual interventions to avoid a general passage from the white to the yellow zone, which would represent a catastrophe for the tourist season. There Sicily he asked his healthcare companies to return to the activation of all the beds that had been started up in the most acute phase of the pandemic. In the region, the doubling of low-intensity care beds in Covid hotels has also been arranged because, explains the Councilor for Health, Ruggero Razza, “at the moment there are many non-Italian citizens who have positive results hosted in these structures at our expense. “. For the month of August, a bio-containment naval transport service will also be activated for tourists who prove positive on the smaller islands.

The Sardinia, where there are 32 municipalities that exceed the critical threshold of 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, is instead already struggling with new crises in various municipalities. They come back the obligation of the mask outdoors in various territories of Cagliari and Oristano, while the mayor of Maracalagonis (Cagliari) also imposes 10 meters distance between the umbrellas on the beaches, even the free ones. And these are just some of the prescriptions that the first citizens are adopting – usually until August 5 – to try to stem the rise of infections in different areas of Sardinia. Similar provisions on the obligation of personal protective equipment outdoors (in Campania it had never been abolished despite the ministerial order) were taken in Lazio in Ponza, San Felice al Circeo and Sperlonga, in Puglia in Martina Franca and other locations tourism while in Sicily and Calabria red areas have sprung up for some municipalities.

The Lombard situation

Yesterday in Lombardy there were 777 new cases of coronavirus positivity, a threshold that has not been touched since last May 22. However, the situation in hospitals remains under control and no color change should be on the horizon. The president of the Region Attilio Fontana also said, referring to the data of the latest ISS monitoring. “With less than 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants and the occupancy percentages of beds in the medical area equal to 3% and in intensive care to 2%”, explained the governor, Lombardy “is well below the respective thresholds of 15% and 10%, provided for by the new parameters for the transition to a zone with multiple restrictions “.

The fact remains that the generalized increase in contagion that has occurred in Italy is making its effects felt also in Lombardy. A figure, that of positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in recent weeks, shows that the curve is rising and that, at the moment, the pace of growth remains constant over time. In the latest survey – as of Wednesday 28 July – there are 38 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the region, up from 27 the previous week. At the “head” is the province of Mantua, with 65 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (almost doubled in a week). Seguno Cremona at 63, Varese at 62, Lodi and Como at 42, Milan at 36. Further behind Monza at 30, Pavia at 26, Brescia at 23, Bergamo at 18, Sondrio at 13 and Lecco at 12.

Chapter admissions: the increase is more evident in the ordinary wards, where it went from 123 at the beginning of July to 194 to reach the 231 recorded yesterday. On the other hand, the trend in intensive care remains decreasing, passing from 44 at the beginning of the month to 25 recorded yesterday. The vaccine effect is likely to have an impact on this figure, given that the Lombard elderly responded massively to the appeal of the immunization campaign. And it is precisely the over 65 who are affected by the disease in the most virulent forms, such as to recommend hospitalization in intensive care.

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