2 August 1980, Italy mourns the victims of the Bologna massacre: “New trial after 41 years” PHOTO

2 August 1980, Italy mourns the victims of the Bologna massacre: “New trial after 41 years” PHOTO
2 August 1980, Italy mourns the victims of the Bologna massacre: “New trial after 41 years” PHOTO

Uncovering principals and red herrings hidden in the structures of the state strengthens our democracy and restores dignity to the country“: the manifesto chosen by the relatives of the victims for the 41st anniversary of the massacre of 2 August 1980. An appeal to the full truth that supports the new trial on the instigators of the bloodiest attack since the post-war period.

The Bologna massacre

On the morning of Saturday 2 August, at 10.25, a high-powered bomb explodes at the Bologna train station. The explosion caused the collapse of a 50 meter long stretch of the building, which houses the restaurant and the first and second class waiting rooms. The dead are 85 and over 200 are injured.

The investigation

Following the “trail” of the money, the PCs have given a name to what they believe are the four “minds” of the massacre. So, when they died they were blamed Licio Gelli, venerable master of the Masonic lodge P2 e Umberto Ortolani as principal-lenders; the former head of the Confidential Affairs office of the Ministry of the Interior Federico Umberto D’Amato indicated as principal-organizer; Mario Tedeschi, director of the magazine “Il Borghese” and former senator of the MSI considered organizer for having assisted D’Amato in the media management of the massacre – preparatory and subsequent – as well as in the activity of misdirecting the investigations.
For the attorney general, the Bologna massacre was therefore financed by a flow of millions of dollars of matrix piduista and the attack, always according to this interpretation of the accusation still under consideration by the judges, was not attributable to armed spontaneism.

The process that starts from afar

The Public Prosecutor of Bologna, in fact, had brought the investigation into the principals in October 2017 after the ordinary Public Prosecutor had asked for the file to be archived. The contribution of the Association of the victims’ families was decisive for the investigation, which presented a substantial memory. The first turning point in the new trial took place on 21 July when Paolo Bellini’s ex-wife recognized her then husband as the man who appears in an amateur video shot by a foreign tourist at the Bologna station on 2 August. 1980 shortly after the bomb exploded.
For his part, the former Black Primrose, in the first hearing, granted a few but significant words to the reporters: “I feel like Sacco and Vanzetti,” said Bellini, comparing himself to the two Italian anarchists executed by innocents in the electric chair in Boston in 1927.
Meanwhile, after the stop due to the pandemic, the traditional procession returns to celebrate the anniversary. And bus 37 will still parade on the street: it is one of the emblems of the Bologna-community reaction to terrorism because it transformed, immediately after the bomb exploded, into an improvised mobile emergency room, and in the following hours into a real wagon funeral for the victims of the terrorist attack by shuttling, until late at night, from the station to the morgue.
Next to the bus there will be, for the first time, the historic Fiat Cristanini fire department crane, one of the first vehicles to arrive at the station to remove the rubble and look for survivors.

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August Italy mourns victims Bologna massacre trial years PHOTO

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