fuck about Giorgetti. Vaccine and green pass, high tension with Concita De Gregorio – Il Tempo

fuck about Giorgetti. Vaccine and green pass, high tension with Concita De Gregorio – Il Tempo
fuck about Giorgetti. Vaccine and green pass, high tension with Concita De Gregorio – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

July 31, 2021

Matteo Salvini is the protagonist of the episode of “In Onda” on Saturday 31 July. The political talk show of La7 conducted by David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio for the solo occasion. The presenter interviews the leader of the League during the summer event of the League in progress in Milano Marittima.

Many of the topics covered, at the opening of the anti-green pass events, live from the “Festa della Lega”, Salvini clarifies: “verbal physical violence is never justified regardless of the colors and reasons for which one goes into piazza io every day I receive death threats of all kinds insults and therefore I have not got used to them even if you should never get used to them. The idiots are unfortunately in effective permanent service if there are as you said 10,000 people in a square must be understood and I do not think they are crazy, fascists, communists, no vax, yes vax. If on July 31 there are thousands of people parading through many Italian cities asking for the rights and duty of politics is to listen to them ”.

The presenter’s reference to Claudio Borghi’s participation in the protests mentioned above is inevitable, the leader of the League replies as follows: “If you believe that Italy’s problem is this we will be in good shape but in short, it is a demonstration. We are in a democracy until proven otherwise, so everyone is free to go to the streets where they want to claim what they want while respecting their neighbor and violence does not belong to me, however, if we prefer to talk about this rather than talk about concrete issues “. An assist well received by De Gregorio who questioned him shortly after on the obligation to vaccinate teachers: “the teaching staff is already vaccinated at 85% by now. By September it will be over 90% so we are talking about a problem that does not exist because 9 out of 10 teachers are already vaccinated or are about to be vaccinated. It won’t matter to me if the teacher who takes my 8-year-old daughter to class will be vaccinated not vaccinated because the mortality and lethality rate for those under 20 is essentially zero. This is the science, these are the data “.

There was no lack of references to the Undersecretary of State to the Prime Minister, Bruno Tabacci, author of the appointment as consultant of Elsa Fornero: “If he had dignity Tabacci would resign since he does not get one”.

Then the question about the internal background of the party, promptly highlighted by Concita De Gregorio: “Luca Zaia does not recognize himself in these demonstrations and, according to some newspapers, even Giancarlo Giorgetti who would not want to reapply because he no longer recognizes himself in the project”. Reconstruction that makes Salvini go into a rage, freezing the presenter: “This is nonsense, are we in front of the television, are we talking about real life? Giorgetti has no intention of resigning. Excuse me but if Il Foglio writes a *** do we have to spend time commenting on it? Let’s talk about reality “.

Finally, on the single party of the center-right: “Even here it is a journalistic debate we are working to collaborate to be more effective both in Italy and in Europe. It is such a serious moment where there is talk of yellow zones, orange zones and the green pass and you cannot take the train, and you cannot go to the restaurant. Let’s work on health and on work and on the freedoms of Italians on political parties and balances, we will see the electoral campaign, it is imminent ”.

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