it’s a two-man hunt

it’s a two-man hunt
it’s a two-man hunt

“They pushed me. I don’t know who they are, but I’d seen them before. We had a fight days ago.” Still in bed from the San Camillo hospital, where he is hospitalized with various fractures on his body, he told what happened around three in the morning in Ponte Sisto. Listening to the version of the 30-year-old Moroccan who will have it for 40 days, were the carabinieri of the Trastevere company who are now investigating to trace the two alleged perpetrators of what happened around three in the morning on Friday 30 July.

According to the collected version, the 30-year-old was in Ponte Sisto when he accidentally crossed paths with the two “North Africans” – as he defined them – who approached him: “We had discussed days ago, but I never saw them again. We met by chance there. “, he told the carabinieri. Then the new quarrel and the discussion that would have turned into an ambush with the two who would have then pushed and launched the rival into the Tiber. To save him the firefighters.

Also attending the scene were several witnesses who, heard, told roughly the same facts also reported by the 30-year-old. The conditional, however, is still mandatory at the moment. The carabinieri, to confirm the versions collected, need further investigations and, perhaps, also from the filmed contribution of the cameras that point to Ponte Sisto. Meanwhile, the hunt for the two alleged assailants continues.


twoman hunt

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