ten years later, a new chapter in the battle between Comune and Lega- Corriere.it

ten years later, a new chapter in the battle between Comune and Lega- Corriere.it
ten years later, a new chapter in the battle between Comune and Lega- Corriere.it
The imputation

The Municipality accused the League of having started to put up posters in the city before the start of the electoral propaganda period established by law, and for this reason a rather heavy overall penalty, 364,002 euros. The Northern League for the Independence of Padania immediately opposed the court. He lost the first degree of judgment in 2015, but then won on appeal, obtaining the halving of the fine by the Court of second instance: but a few days ago (the sentence of 6 July last) the Supreme Court has given the Municipality the advantage, arguing that at the time the attorney of Palazzo Marino gave the correct interpretation of the law underlying the original fine. Result: 10 years after the facts, and 7 years after the start of the dispute before the courts, the case will have to return again to Milan, to be examined by a different section of the Court of Appeal, which will have to issue a new judgment.

That of spring 2011 was the electoral campaign (later won by the orange wave of Beppe Sala’s predecessor) in which the League papered the city with posters that recited: Milan gypsy with Pisapia. + Nomadic camps. The largest mosque in Europe. In the documents it is not specified whether these were the posters that were illegally attached. The question, however, is to establish what the irregularity was at the time.

Times and money

The Municipality, claiming that the League had attached the posters before the period provided for by the law for electoral propaganda (the 30 days preceding the vote), applied the fines foreseen by the general norm on public billboards, which safeguard the urban decorum and establishes the charges due for advertising in the streets. So you send the injunctions: for a total of 364,002 euros. The Court, at first instance, ruled that the request for payment was correct. On appeal, on the other hand, the judges held that the League had committed a different and less serious violation, that is to have attacked the posters after the calling of the rallies (therefore in fairly correct times), but before the Municipality had divided the spaces dedicated to posting. Based on this hypothesis of minor violation, with a sentence of April 2017, the fine was halved to 182,001 euros. A few days ago the Supreme Court, at the request of the Municipality, instead established that the correct interpretation was precisely the municipal one, and therefore this that the judges will have to keep in mind in the bis appeal to define who is right. And how much the League will have to shell out.

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ten years chapter battle Comune Lega Corriereit

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