“With us 101 hires after fifteen years”

“With us 101 hires after fifteen years”
“With us 101 hires after fifteen years”

Too little staff to meet the needs of users and provide the city with an efficient service, in the central centers as in the peripheral ones, such as the Bibliopoints. Like this Libraries of Rome, the instrumental body of Rome Capital for the management of cultural services with the function of guaranteeing the right to culture and information, promoting the development of communication in all its forms, suffers.

Libraries of Rome: lack of staff

In fifteen years, with many retirements and some new destinations, the staff has drastically reduced: from 367 units spread over 35 offices in 2006, to 239 with 40 offices and the numerous central and peripheral services today. but yet “The only staff hires for libraries, before those made by the Giunta Raggi, date back to 2005”, claims the commissioner for personnel of Roma Capitale, Antonio De Santis, replying to the unions who raised the alarm on Libraries of Rome.

“Without relaunching in September, the service will find itself in serious difficulty in efficiently managing citizens’ requests and we will be forced to take a strong trade union initiative, not excluding the closure of libraries” – the tomb announcement of Cgil, Cisl, Uil, CSA USI Libraries of Rome. Staff that would be there: hired through recent competitions but, according to the unions, ended up elsewhere: between municipal offices and departments. Where there are never too many resources.

Recruitments in Libraries of Rome, De Santis: “With us 376 units for culture”

But the commissioner answers numbers in hand: “The Giunta Raggi from 2016 to 2020 hired 101 officials for the libraries, of these only 19 were provisionally assigned to different sectors for the needs of the administration. Moreover, in the same period, the entire Culture sector saw the recruitment of 376 personnel, including officials and instructors ”.

The desire to increase the services of libraries and the entire branch of culture is there: “I can only agree with the need to strengthen such an important sector even more, but 15 years of lack of attention to the administrative machinery require progressive planning and implementation in the recruitment of human resources. This is also in light of the budget gap that we had to make up before we could proceed with the assumptions already made ”.

Competition at the Municipality of Rome: last tests then rankings

The actions already carried out will be joined by those already planned that will come from the selections of the competition to the Municipality of Rome in progress for 1512 new staff units. “A structured selection with an innovative, fully computerized procedure that within 35 days is allowing the competition to be completed and the staff to be strengthened with insertions also in the Capitoline libraries ”. The last sessions will be on 4 August, by the beginning of September, the publication of the lists of suitable candidates in order of score: those who have passed the test, with the coveted 21, will transmit the preferred titles. Great expectations for the final rankings.

There will also be staff for Libraries in Rome. “If the gossip comes from those who slept for 15 years we will come to terms with it, but the facts cannot be denied and are very clear”.

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