“Soli Mai”: 50,000 euros from the North Milan Community Foundation.

“Soli Mai”: 50,000 euros from the North Milan Community Foundation.
“Soli Mai”: 50,000 euros from the North Milan Community Foundation.

“Soli Mai”: the assistance project for the over 65s of Rho receives a contribution of 50 thousand euros from the North Milan Community Foundation.

Rho – beware of Senior citizens and theirs loneliness, responses to emerging needs through the collaboration between organizations, associations and volunteers: these are the main points of the project Alone NEVER, designed by Municipality of Rho and extended to the other Municipalities of Rhodense, born from the difficulties of the Covid emergency, to which the Fund for the fight against poverty acknowledged his first major contribution by 50 thousand euros.

The Soli Mai project

Alone NEVER is a project aimed at supporting i citizens over 65 of the territory in their needs for company and relationship, started by the Municipality of Rho and developed thanks to the commitment and work of volunteers and operators, which has become a model for creating a proximity care system capable of giving new answers to elderly people in conditions of social and economic vulnerability, through home assistance services but with the decisive collaboration of the community.

The Fund was established by North Milan Community Foundation at the instigation of the Cariplo Foundation, which is supporting all of its Community Foundations in contrasting the various forms of poverty – the food one of families, that relational, especially of elderly or disabled people, that educational of children and teens and that digital of many citizens too often offline due to lack of infrastructure.

The project was born from the collaboration of Beyond Perimeters, Ser.Co.P. and the Municipality of Rho and in synergy with some local associations: Anteas operative group, city Caritas, Solidarity Center, Fili d’Argento Association, Agesci Scout Group, Porta Aperta Association.

L’ANTEAS Association Milano Servizi carries out the activity of social guardian to support citizens for the completion of bureaucratic procedures, bookings and exam collection, while Oltreiperimetri realizes company phone calls and the creation of a group of properly trained volunteers.

The Call center is also involved in the implementation of the project Covid emergency 777 until it is kept in place.

A mission not only for the elderly

“This project it was born in a dramatic phase for the entire planet. A phase that also our territory has experienced with extreme attention to the social consequences of the pandemic “ – he claims Giuseppe Cangialosi, Project Manager of the Special Company of the 9 Municipalities of Rhodense Ser.Co.P. – “The elderly and the young, the two opposite generations, they have suffered and, in part, still suffer today, the major consequences of the fall of social relations and the reduction in the offer of personal care and socialization services. Soli Mai is an advanced tip of that system Community welfare upon which Rhodense has been investing for 7 years and that with the pandemic emergency has demonstrated its full capacity to generate flexible and adequate proximity services needs so changeable and unusual, so much so that it has completely transformed the same methods of supplying the territorial social offer. Soli Mai is above all one extraordinary opportunity where people’s lives (volunteers and assisted elderly people) intersect and produce the magic of curing the ills of the soul and the most immediate needs”.

The choice of the Fund to combat poverty

“It is the community that mobilizes itself for the well-being of its elderly, giving life to a collaborative network that responds to emerging needs: it is no coincidence that this is the first and emblematic project that our Fund for the fight against poverty is about to support. We are always listening to our territory and the Soli Mai project – che it gives substance to a community welfare model that is beginning to be considered also at a regional and national level – proposes the creation of a system of proximity that it represents the future of care and assistance to vulnerabilities, no longer entrusted only to social services but to the participation of active citizens, who mobilize for their own community. With the contribution of the Fund, we hope that this good practice will be consolidated and become an example to be extended throughout Northern Milan but not only “ comments Paola Pessina – President of the Northern Milan Community Foundation

“I am particularly proud that our Soli Mai project has been regarded as example of community welfare to be followed to cope with the loneliness and difficulties of the elderly – affirms the Councilor for Social – welfare services Nicola Violante -. In the course of over a year of activity in a health emergency situation, it is highlighted the value and effectiveness of a social project developed around the theme of health. The Covid Emergency Call Center, established in the emergency period, in addition to being a tool to facilitate access to information and services for citizens, it proved to be a tool for detecting emerging needs linked to the particular period, still in place. The Social Service has embraced these needs increasing the provision of home services and activating new forms of proximity care “.

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