“She killed him and then threw herself off the pylon” – Corriere.it

“She killed him and then threw herself off the pylon” – Corriere.it
“She killed him and then threw herself off the pylon” – Corriere.it
from Andrea Pasqualetto

Asked for the filing of the file: “That the baby died of other causes is a residual hypothesis.” Traces of the child in the mother’s nails. Behind the tragedy there is mental distress. Her husband’s sms: heal you. Viviana Parisi’s audio: who has to die?

The certainty concerns the death of Viviana: «She committed suicide by jumping off the pylon». On the end of his son Gioele, the investigators instead make two hypotheses. The most probable: she killed him by strangling or suffocating him, «child murder of an altruistic type», writes the prosecutor’s office. Or, but here the investigators believe it much less, the child died of other causes when he was with his mother in the woods (for “internal injury, excessive fatigue, emotional stress, heat stroke, thirst …”) and Viviana, prey to an unbearable anguish for the tragedy for which she felt responsible, she took her own life.

Those removed sandals

The investigation into the death of Viviana Parisi, 43-year-old DJ from Venetico (Messina), and her 4-year-old son Gioele ends with a request for dismissal from Patti’s prosecutor Angelo Cavallo. They had disappeared on 3 August last year after being involved in an accident on the Messina-Palermo, only to be found on 8 and 19 August, she next to a pylon in the nearby wood of Caronia, he about 400 meters away in the middle. to the brambles, unrecognizable, his feet bare, the sandals beside them, lined up and laced. Therefore, no monsters, no murderers, no ferocious animals. No: “It is probably a case of filicide-suicide … Only the genetic material of the child was found under Viviana’s nails,” the magistrates specify, who see the shadows of the illness from which the woman was suffering behind the tragedy.

The messages: “You are destroying us”

“Mystical delusion and persecution, he repeated” we have handed our children over to the devil “,” recalled the emergency room doctor who intervened urgently a few months before his death. “Take the pills, if you love your son … you are destroying the family, for once listen to those who violate you really well”, wrote her husband, Daniele Mondello. “Take care!” One day he sent her a screenshot: «Strategic Therapy Center – Research Training, Psychotherapy Institute – ‘Paranoia and delusions of persecution …’». And immediately after: «Read carefully, don’t be presumptuous, the problem is that you don’t want to be helped».
Viviana had begun to read the Bible aloud on the balcony of her house or in the churchyard. In an audio found in Daniele’s cell phone, his voice: «Tell me, who has to die? Does anyone have to die? Our parents? Because a key has been touched that is too much too explosive ».

“Mystical and ruined pathology”

Material for Massimo Picozzi, the psychiatrist consultant of the prosecutor, who concluded as follows: “Pathology of important psychotic value, from which she had never fully recovered, with mystical, persecutory and ruin themes (references to the devil, delusional interpretations, the devil in the serpent of the rod of Asclepius) ». The clinical picture “was such as to lead to hypothesize a mandatory health check in the face of the situation”.
The road accident in the tunnel, of which according to the prosecutor he is guilty, was read in two ways: «Viviana may have experienced it in a persecutory way, as if it had been intentionally caused by non-existent aggressors to harm her. Or it may have triggered the unacceptable fear that her husband would take away parental authority. ” And for this reason she would go away with her son in the woods.

The defense: fallen into the well

The lawyer Pietro Venuti, who assists her husband, does not believe in the murder-suicide: «Let’s wait to read the file. In any case, our hypothesis is that of our consultant who is inclined to accidentally fall into a well for both of them with subsequent displacement of the bodies ». “No typical signs of drowning deaths in stagnant water were found,” the magistrate cut short.
The yellow, for the prosecutor, is resolved and the case is closed.

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